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Most powerful country

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I think,

China, Russia and USA are somewhat on the same level on military terms.

The USA however can only keep up with NATO having their backs.

Russia and China have canceled out that advantage when they signed a military alliance treaty which guaranties 100% cooperation on all military issues.

In terms of economics there is no such thing as the most powerful Nation anymore... The most powerful economical force in the world is the privately owned Federal Reserve and all its branches of "Central Banks" arround the world... like the ECB is one of them.

(That is one of the reasons why I love Bitcoin, because with Bitcoin everyone becomes their own bank outside the control of the Central Banks arround the World.)

In terms of Government its with out a doubt Russia. No elected Government in the world has as much support from its own people at the moment (85% or more). And if some News channels report that a few thousnad people where on the streets demonstrating than its just a minimal fraction of the whole population which is more than 100 Million people.



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On 5/16/2017 at 09:28, zale023 said:

Let me ask you guys. What is the most powerful country right now?

In terms of government, economy, population and military.

Its US for me.. In terms of power since they still have dominance in satellite navigation since satellite has a big help during war ,they used a drone which uses a satellite also to access remotely enemies and in terms of money also.. they are still dominant

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