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How do you manage your stress?

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On 14/05/2017 at 22:50, Aljohn1997 said:


Why what a stressful way to relieve stress! Don't you immediately feel the shame and embarrassment of handling yourself in such a sinful way just another stress inducing problem causing part of life? Don't you often wonder if your hand is ever really clean from the memory of such a thing? Your socks ever completely decontaminated? Your vacuum or mop able to lift the children left behind from the surface of your living places? And more importantly the shame and embarrassment of the dirty condition you find yourself in after mastering your bating!

Although i just did realize ejaculation probably very likely happened with another party. In which case good idea. Very good idea indeed and a much enjoyable form of relieving stress.

37 minutes ago, bobik said:

If you don't like socializing, find another thing that will make you happy because happiness prevents mental disorders. I'm not a social person too and society, including my parents, always judged me and pointed their fingers at me. Nowadays they treat you like an alien if you're not a social person. I have a year old American Staffordshire. Since I bought it, my life changed a lot. I don't need to hang out with friends and listen to their stupid conversations. A walk with my dog is enough to charge me with energy and happiness. But if you feel like you cannot escape it and it gets worse, look for some medicine, like Etizolam 2mg ( https://worldpharm365.com/product/et...-with-bitcoin/ ), and treat it from the inside. This won't make a social person but will prevent negativity from controlling your mind. You did not have suicidal thoughts? They sometimes come in my mind. Cheers

I can only assume your anti-social nature is unwanted and if so i do apologize. For i know not what its like to live anti-socially and wishing for the opposite. I assume this because of the drugs linked in the link provided. I myself excel in the area of interpersonal arena while having a very anti-social outlook and very serious desire to not have people around me or my cat. Though you would never guess by my sociability that a thing is as it is.

Street drugs and distance kicking of cats. There's nothing like a crush slip flash and crash as street drugs and flying cats!

And if that doesn't work meditation and self reflection is also a great way to relieve stress. Along with exercise and the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

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2 hours ago, mrsino said:

listen to music 😂😂

Yup, put on the headphones and listen to heavy music or smoothing ones, whichever is your thing!

If you are at home, I would suggest taking a long shower as well, will help you clam down and think straight before going back to the music xD

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For me to bet is a good way to relieve stress, because I feel good doing it, besides playing games, walking outdoors also help

listening to music and drinking coffee is also a good idea :)😉

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On 17/05/2021 at 14:30, jennifer19 said:

I eat!! more stress more food. thankfully I don't gain much weight despite of how much I eat

Eating is indeed an effective way of managing your stress. Maybe you go to gym or just walking a lot after eating, and that's why you are not gaining weight?

Anyway, I'm glad you've found your way. :)

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