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Rules related to Faucet Farming

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Is there a post that explains what primedice considers faucet farming? I'm curious because I have a VIP account, and a decent faucet, so I am usually able to make a couple of dollars. I want to be clear so that I stop doing anything that's not considered legal.


Any idea?

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what do you mean by faucet farming? claim faucet then transfer to bank?



you have to PD accounts A & B

account A is primary account

account B is the bank


Account A have 3000sats faucet

Account B have balance of 50ksts

you transfer 50ksats from account B to Account A.  then you transfer 53,000ksts back to account B. thats faucet farming.


another faucet farming is when the amount you transferred is not up to minimum amount mandated to be transferred.

Account A

Account B


account A have balance of 30ksats total winning from faucet.

account B have balance of 100ksats banked(saved)

when you transfer 100ksats from B to A and withdraw 130ksats back to account B. thats farming, because it didnt meet the 50ksats minimum tips requirements.

hope you understand it now simonlyra479[/member]



Hey! Thanks for the answer. So consider this:


A is a bank.

B is account with high faucet because of lots of gambling.

Now B is used to go from faucet to minimum tip amount.

Every time minimum tip is reached, B tips to A. 

Once A has minimum withdrawal among, winnings are withdrawn. 


Would this be considered farming?


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hmm, so that's faucet farming in different ways.. but the other one you told gwapo112[/member]  is illegal right?



who, me?

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I was not well aware about this particular topic and after reading all the previous replies I've got an idea what faucet farming actually is and I've never done it in my past. Thanks to everyone who posted info about the same.

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