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Why war is good

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War, the best consensus mechanism


I'm sure everyone has seen the anti-bullying public service announcements on TV all the time now.  Well, small animals from cats to dogs and anything else tend to beat the hell out of each other.  It's a natural selection process to determine which genes spread and which don't, something that will never go away.


Humans happen to be animals, and the human social structure consists of: 


Individual > family > tribe or village > city state based on the same ethnocentric majority > affiliation of those city states to form a nation


Since we live on a rock with finite resources and finite space, the so called "bullying" extends past the adolescent stage all the way up to city states and nations in the form of war.  The main purpose of war is for groups sharing common genetic ancestry to compete against different groups and determine which ones will occupy this finite space and resources in the future.  This has gone on for thousands of years all across Europe.


The tragedy is not war itself, it's when the war movement is hijacked for something else besides the natural selection process for which it's intended.  "TPTB" do not use war for natural selection, they push Marxism, which is the antithesis of evolution and natural selection, while still participating in acts of war that serve no real purpose.


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