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7 Ways I Would Spend $10 Million Dollars: What About You?

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1. I would get my dream lake house or ocean view home


I’ve grown up living on water and love being able to go out in the boat or jet ski. I would find a home with an amazing view of the ocean or lake/mountains and access to the water to import my boat for cruises and entertainment. I would want a cabin style home with the logs and wood work and big windows facing the water to look out. Kitchen would be wood flooring, granite counters, and tiled backsplash, along with stainless steel appliances or custom appliances to fit the design of the home.


Price Range: $750,000 or less


I would keep it modest and around 2,000 square feet or less. Million dollar homes have high maintenance costs and you get nailed by property taxes. If you don’t have a big family, huge homes just don’t seem necessary and have a lot of excess waste in terms of space and maintenance costs.


I would also sell my current home or possibly turn it into a rental so that I can recoup some income that can be applied towards my cabin water front home to keep more of my $10 million in my pocket still.


2. I would purchase a nice SUV or Truck


My dream car is an Italia 458 and I may splurge some money to lease one for a short period of time but then I’d settle down with a nice truck or SUV that can be used for my real estate business as transportation to and from properties as well as carrying my tools & supplies.


3. Help out family and friends


I mentioned above that I’d keep my money a secret. I feel like if everyone found out you had $10 million dollars they would start getting entitled and feel like it’s expected that you help them. I would ask friends and family their situations and do some investigating to see who needs financial assistance and then I would take care of that person paying off their problems for them. It would feel good knowing you did it because you wanted to and not because they expected you to having so much money.


4. Setup a perpetual giving fund


I once took a finance class at Ohio State and remember an example problem about a wealthy man who wanted to set up a scholarship fund for students. He invested money into an investment fund that would produce interest income. Then the interest income would be paid out as scholarships to students each year while the initial investment stayed in the account to continue generating more interest every year forever. This is called a perpetuity.


I would set up a growing perpetuity fund so that over time more and more money can be distributed to the charities and causes I’m passionate about. A growing perpetuity will also stay ahead of inflation as a $10,000 scholarship today won’t be the same as $10,000 many years from now, especially the way college tuition is escalating, ruining people’s financial futures and setting them back from retirement.


5. Invest money into Under30wealth.com


I could create some really awesome resources and products for everyone to utilize to improve their financial literacy. I hire someone to build an app or hire software developers to create other things I’ve thought about that are in the works someday. I could spend more on marketing so that more people become aware of my site which would help more people learn. I would have money to do fun giveaways and contests with my audience. Much love and thanks to everyone supporting this site!


But in the mean-time, I appreciate organic free growth such as when you guys share my posts to your social media so that we get in front of more viewers and young people who need to learn money and financial management! College never teaches a class about how to make money and the education system has few classes implemented that cover money management.


6. I’d consider paying off some of my rental properties debt


The only debt I’d likely have would be real estate related. I would pay down this debt so that my rental properties cash flow more and I save the loan interest expense. One of the days I look forward to is owning $1 million in real estate outright with no debt. Having a portfolio of rental properties that are all paid off and positively producing cash flow is a dream come true. Your only expenses are insurance and taxes as well as occasional maintenance repairs. You no longer have to worry about foreclosure or burning through money if the property sits vacant.


7. I’d have some fun


I’m huge on traveling someday. I would pack up and go across the country and around the world seeing the many different exciting places on earth. I’d try the foods in different countries, see the exotic beaches, and spend money on the vacation activities offered at each destination. Life is about living and having fun.


I would also purchase tickets to major sporting events and fly out to see them. I want to one day attend the championship game for each sport like the NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball. I’m a huge golf guy and I teach golf online to people at GolfPracticeGuides.com so I would definitely go to all 4 majors. The Masters would be my favorite course to see (If anyone has a spare ticket, haha jk).


How would you spend $10 million? You never know, maybe you’re one of the fortunate people to be handed down an inheritance. It could be worth thinking and brainstorming out how you’d manage that much money so you don’t end up broke and in debt like so many of the lottery winners we hear about!

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