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What animals are you most afraid of?

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On 10/1/2017 at 13:33, chaitanya said:

i have bad experience in childhood 

I see that's why you're afraid of them. So you don't have any pet dogs at your house right now?

9 hours ago, Mistletoe said:

Got bitten by a dog too when I was a kid. Got the worst injections of my life. I mean, Im used to injections and I wouldn't mind getting injections. But this incident, I got this injection (im not sure what it is for) and it was injected on my hip near my butt and its effect was the worst ever. 

I heard that the injection needle is thick for anti rabbies. Can't imagine having a thick needle injected on my hip. :S

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I don't know why but i have a completely irrational fear of wolves and cougars. I like to go for hikes into the wilderness And even in areas where these two animals are not known to be i can become uncomfortable and paranoid. There are times especially at night when ill be afraid of a wolf without any reason at all. Maybe i'm just afraid of the dark. Or more probably i was viciously eaten by a wolf pack in a recent life. Yea that definitely makes more sense. 

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