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Affiliate methods

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Hi all,


Just wondering after checking up on some earnings people posted which they made from refferals


What methods do you use to get new refferals, what are some of the more efficient ways or perhaps you got lucky?


Where do you look for refferals?

How do you convince them they should sign up (and under your link)


Lets share some methods so everyone can possibly benefit :)

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I think I can contribute here a little bit too :). We have too different types of affiliates, some of there are:


-Web pages or blogs speaking about gambling, bitcoin, bots, etc.

-With Facebook groups, pages, and profiles.

-Affiliates with a lot of Twitter followers sharing their link and experiences there.

-Doing advertisement (display) in some networks with their tracking link.

-Speaking with friends.



And I would love to recommend all of you to go for things like:

-Links in forums, there are some affiliates that speak about us in forums from other countries like China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia... Because as a brand, we are not able to advertise in all that places, and also I'm not able to speak all the languages :)

-Youtube videos, there are a lot of affiliates that are currently earning a decent amount of money posting videos explaining how to play, their strategies, how to the provably fair system works, etc.

-Twitch videos playing on PD.



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