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Religion (s)

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When i was young i hated God, but as time goes by i can feel his presence. When i was in high school i was enrolled at a born again christian school. I once have a muslim gf back then :-X. And then Catholic school at college where i became a choir member. Now i serve twice on a catholic church every sunday. I am not like any other catholic i am a open minded person. I like every teachers Jesus,Prophet  Mohammed, Budhha, etc. one religion that i like is the Taoist :) yin and yang. \m/  I believe that we all have one God.. we people just define him/her differently :) Peace Be With you,  waʿalaykumu s-salām, namaste :)



For me what ever religion you are, we still acknowledge one GOD our Father, Don't be confuse, Actually There are two The Father Almighty And His Son Jesus. And I'm proud To be Roman Catholic

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