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Found 1 result

  1. Feeling hungry? Feeling lucky? Look no further! Common Questions: Q: What is HungerGames/HG? A: High/low bot made by the community for the community. -- Q: What's the origin story here? A: Game concept by ledust, code written by UnixPunk, managed by Isildur. -- Q: What is the HG whitelist? A: A list of usernames, of all the users that are allowed to play. -- Q: How do I get added to the whitelist? A: More than 25 bitcoin wagered, 250 Forum activity and a one year old account with 10k messages on chat (All three must be fulfilled!). VIPs are added automatically. -- Q: What is the HG blacklist? A: A List of users that have been excluded from playing the HG. -- Q: I sent HG a PM but it said in chat that "a suitable volunteer wasn't found". A: You have reached your maximum alloted turns to play (usually 5 per day), you are not on the whitelist or you have not been active enough in chat. -- Q: How does HG pick tributes? A: Randomly. -- Q: What is the deathlist? A: If you choose high or low and lose, then you can't play for x-amount of time. -- Q: When will I be removed from the deathlist? A: Depends on the settings HG is being run on at the time. (usually 15 minutes) -- Q: Can I tip/donate to HG? A: Sure, just send a tip to HungerGames. You will be notified of the total amount you've tipped so far. (thanks btw ) -- Q: I pass the eligibility requirements, who can I ask to add me? A: Post your primedice username in this thread and you should be added within 24 hours (probably sooner) if you are eligible. -- Q: How do I ignore HG? A: /ignore HungerGames. Posting that in chat will ignore all messages from HG. -- Q: Is it possible to check how much I have donated to HG? A: Type (~donations) in the chat OR send a pm to HG (/pm HungerGames ~donations) and you will receive a pm with the total amount of donations that you have sent. whitelist_2017-08-06.txt blacklist_2017-08-06.txt