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Found 23 results

  1. if u like to get some free coins every day go to https://qoinpro.com/90ab66f5902229b004e380b95ae94121
  2. Good day everyone! Having a bad day on rolling that dice? Or maybe, tired of waiting for your deposit to be confirmed? Or maybe you've already BUST all that you have? This happens to most of us (me, several times. 😂😂😂). That feeling of losing every ounce of satoshi you had, and then telling yourself: "I should've stopped.". 😭😢 What do we do after these stuff? While waiting for depos or mourning for loses, you can still earn and make use of time. 💵✔ Today, let me share my Top 5 satoshi faucet apps, and some honorable mentions. 😎😁 I would assume that almost 100% of our population here in the community is well-aware what a faucet means. For starters, in simple words, it's a free stuff when you can ooze satoshis by clicking or watching an ad, answering captchas, etc. for a certain time. (e.g. every 15 or 30 minutes.). You get very small satoshi earnings on every certain time limit, but if you have lots of faucets (the reliable and paying ones of course), you can make something out of nothing. Now let's start with the countdown. Keep in mind that all apps are free on the app store and paying. 5. Claim Free Bitcoin - by JPLabs - This app is created by JPLabs and from CBN (Claim Bitcoin Network). It is like a simple slot machine-like game where it ramdomly chooses the amount of satoshi you'll get every 15 minutes. You have 3 tries to get the highest amount of satoshi on the board. The prizes depends on how much BTC's price in market goes. Payouts can be on several ways: Direct Wallet Payment: You need to have a minimum of 100k satoshis to choose this payment. No fees. XAPO wallet payments: You need to earn 20k satoshis to choose this payment. No fees. Coins.ph wallet payments: 20k satoshis. No fees. 4. Wheel of Satoshi - by JPLabs - Same creator, same concept. This one's like Claim Free Bitcoin, but in a form of Wheel of Fortune game. You have 3 tries to spin the wheel and get the highest possible amount. BTW, what you earn from the Claim Free Bitcoin game is combined with what you earn on Wheel of Satoshi, since it is from the same creator, and you will be required to login using only 1 Google account. 3. Satoshi Slots - by JPLabs - So CBN gave us another way of adding satoshi earnings. Again, same concept. You will play slot machine, and have 3 spins to get the highest amount. What you earn here is combined to what you earn to the first 2 games mentioned above. With 3 games every 15 minutes, well not that big, but something to look forward to every interval. You can earn higher amounts on these games from CBN by having the HEART icon. Notice on the images, upper right corner. You can get that by viewing the ads at the bottom of every page of the app. 2. Lucky Satoshi - by BitCypher Labs - Well, this game, somehow, has the same concept with the first 3 mentioned games, though they have different devs. On this game, you'll have 3 tries to choose from the coins, and get the highest amount possible every 15 minutes. 1. Bitcoin Roulette - by BitCypher Labs - Yes, you've guessed it. Same dev, same concept. Spin the roulette 3 times until you get the highest amount on the wheel every 15 minutes. They also have same payment methods as mentioned above. Direct wallet payments - minimum 50k satoshi, no fees. Coins.ph, coinbase, and Xapo wallet payments - 25k minimum, no fees. Aaaaannd we got an honoralbe mention, right here. Fun For Coin - by NewfieSoft - This was my first ever faucet used. I've done couple of withdrawals and still using it. But there are rumors that they stopped paying. So this app has a faucet that you can ooze every 1 hour, giving you a chance to get 1 to 1000 satoshi every hour. It also has a Wheel of Fortune, A slot machine, and a Scratch Card that has higher prizes, but can only be played once every 24 hours. Minimum earnings to pay out is much higher that the games mentioned above. You need to earn 250k satoshis to cash out. Any wallet address would do. No fees. There. That's what I do on free time and what i can recommend as my best faucet apps that I can justify that is legit and paying. Got interested? We can help each other a little by using ref codes. (PS: You're free not to use any ref codes. Just offering to help us both. 😁) For CBN games, use RDQPH upon downloading and logging in to the apps. For BitCypher games, use 9VFZ6C6H after downloading and logging in. These games are all free and can be dowloaded on Google Play and Apple App store. So what do you think about these games? Or maybe you have some honorable mentions too, or even better apps that we can use. Feel free to share in the comments! 📰💵😎
  3. A MOON faucet is now open for bitcoin cash just like the other moon faucets it deposits direct to your coinpot. http://moonb.ch/?ref=305890965A4D CLICK HERE
  4. freebitcoins.com?ref=xPDSEtS4MPA8KAWfC84tKrk7GQjFpJVkm4 0.00066 Free clams every hour deposited to your wallet on every claim! For every referral you collect you will get a 100% referral bonus! They claim 0.0001 clams, you BOTH get a deposit for 0.0001!!!!!!!!! click register at the top- -- the clams wallet they want you can just use your clams wallet from here at luckygames -- the deposits come instantly. You can claim a drink of 0.0001000000 clams every hour AND you can claim 0.00001 clams EVERY MINUTE for a total of 66,000 clamsats every hour
  5. Some LTC faucets

    So.. after some people advised me to put a little money in Litecoin, I looked up some faucets. With the actual chart of LTC its a little profitable to chase them from time to time. I ended up on a huuuuuuge list.. most of the faucets are pretty bad. You need to put in a looooooot of time and accepting a lot of Ads poppin up (more than usual). So.. I picked some out that are workin really well. When I go through that list, I'll get round about 1000Litoshis each round. All these faucets expect you to use Faucethub and transfer it there directly. If you don't have it, you'll need to register first: http://rektz.io/Litecoin/?r=LcmL1NLG79w4UswqRYDvxXesQ1BfrR4xWx <- actually empty.. but they will refill it http://litecoin-faucet.com/?r=LcmL1NLG79w4UswqRYDvxXesQ1BfrR4xWx http://www.ref-hunters.ch/litecoin/?r=LcmL1NLG79w4UswqRYDvxXesQ1BfrR4xWx http://litecoin.alekscoin.com/?r=LcmL1NLG79w4UswqRYDvxXesQ1BfrR4xWx http://snails.racing/lite/fh/?r=LcmL1NLG79w4UswqRYDvxXesQ1BfrR4xWx <- once in 24 hours.. so.. just take it.. solid 500 litoshis. Please don't wine about not posting clean links here. Some people are doin you a real favor telling you about these faucets or whatever. In my experience the people don't even think of using a reflink. If I get a decent faucet or whatever.. I'll choose the reflink, bc someone else did my work and it doesn't hurt me. So far my statement.
  6. Hi, why my account being muted? i was playing normally and my account become muted. Can someone from support help me. Regards!
  7. Faucet to 150K

    For many days on faucet ( 100 satoshi ). Finally some strategies worked keeping small targets to be achieved. Hope these help to profit from faucet. Good luck 100 satoshi to 1K - achieved using 1.1x manual with switching sides 1K to 10K - achieved using 2.5x manual with switching sides 10K to 15K - achieved using 3.3x manual doubling on loss with switching sides 15K to 150K - achieved using 99x, 110x, using 50 and 100 as base bet - achieved using 6.6x autobet 25-50 as base bet 10% on loss Some of my bets BET:20,780,824,381 - 110x BET:20,780,968,015 - 110x BET:20,842,399,013 - 6.6x BET:20,842,422,411 - 6.6x
  8. Hello, everyone, it's me again. Lately, i decided why not share how I received money from the faucet. First of all, i wanna make sure you understand that there still is a lot of luck needed! So how did I do it? I created a preroll script for primedice what this does is it pre roll's for me and tries to reach a 200 losses streak on 100x payout, If it wins the script resets the live stats and start all over again, Once it reaches the 200 losses in a row it stops the script and it is all up to you what your base bet will be until you hit and make profits than just restart the script! As easy as that is it will help you out to make a nice profit on your current balance or on your faucet I wanna point out 2 things before uploading this post to the forum because I kind of think it is risky to do! 1. The script is in javascript and every single line of code is explained in it with a //comment to make sure you know that it is not a btc hijacking script! 2. Its uploaded to Pastebin on a guest account so I cannot edit the paste to make it a hijacking script! I understand that there are a lot of scamming script around lately so I explained every single line of code. The Youtube URL to the vid/script with withdraws proof! I hope you guys make some nice profits and enjoy the pre-roll script, If you have any questions just message me and ill explain or help you out!
  9. 4.1 or 6.12

    You can auto play. Increase 50%. Start 1 and stop when win or amuont 14. Begin again 1. When have 1500 in balance change 2.56 and play up ...... 2hour rest 30 minutes. Some time change under/over. Good luck!!!!
  10. I found the new faucet site. They have some function: - 200 satoshies per 0 minutes. It mean you can claim day by day. - Average 1-2 minutes per one claim work actually. It mean that 30*200=6-12k satoshies per hours. - Min payout is 100k satoshies and this is manual with fee = 25k satoshies ( So hight) - They will provide us a Premium Account soon with some advantage: + Claims reward will increase to 1,200 satoshis. + 20% of ads will be removed. (only if your logged in) + No manual withrawal, Your withrawals will be forever INSTANT. + Your minimum withrawal will be decreased to 50k satoshis. + Your withrawal fee will be decreased to 5k satoshis. + You will be having 20% of unreferred claimers and transferred to your ref link + We are going to offer you your own active assitance + hortlinks and popups on your account will be disabled! - 25% of refferal earning. If you want, can join with this my link If i have tracked of referral, 50% of referrall bonus sent to you. So you can earn more 12,5% per your claim Link ref: https://cryptoofaucets.xyz?ref=15174 Non-ref: https://cryptoofaucets.xyz
  11. Smartcoin.fr (ref link : http://smartcoin.fr/?ref=f7a47e1ad21e2f6977611b7adbec1bb1) is the most visited french faucet. The site allow you to claim 90 satoshis every hour (amount base on the current BTC value), really not bad compared to other faucets who are currently around 30-60 satos, and the captcha is really quick and easy to fill. Just go to "Smartfaucet" on top left and fill the easy captcha. If you let the tab open every hour a sound alert will tell you that you can claim the faucet again (same as Freebitco.in & co if you use them) You can win 10 satos bonus every hour if you allow your browser to mine with them (go to "mon profil" on top right, than the blue button "modifier les paramètres de mon compte", than tick bonus 10 satoshi faucet according to the CPU power you wanna allow, i recommend just "Yes" which is 30% CPU power) NEW : they offer a simple roulette game. You choose the multiplier (Multi) and your bet amount (Mise). It will let you see your potential gain (Profit Potentiel) and than you choose over 5750 (Plus) or under 4250 (Moins). I will not recommend you to play there since the house edge is huge. You can withdraw at 100.000 satoshis. Note : It's a truthworthy website, people behind it will not jeopardize their reputation for some bucks and i already made some withdraws with them on their previous version (withdraw limit was 20k) : Smartcoin allow you to buy some BTC via Paypal or prepaid cards but since i don't use them at all i will not speak about it. My ref link : http://smartcoin.fr/?ref=f7a47e1ad21e2f6977611b7adbec1bb1 (thanks for those who will follow it, feel free to ask anything if you are not sure about what it mean, i'll do the translation for you !)
  12. So this is pretty cool http://freebitcoins.com?ref=xPDSEtS4MPA8KAWfC84tKrk7GQjFpJVkm4 they send u free clams every hour or evry min - i choose hourly cuz it's less time consuming referrals get you 100% and if you're smart you'll use the invest feature at justdice OR exchange ur clams out for btc at a free\cheap conversion site
  13. Hey all, I stumbled across a nice website lately offering huge payouts up to 0.003499 BTC per use. With a huge bonus when you sign up, many people have been skeptical about using it but you can search online and find loads of people with proof of payouts. For example -https://imgur.com/gallery/Uf8jQ A huge advantage of this site over other alongside the huge payouts is that you only need to input your wallet address to sign up, no email verification and other efforts. It's definitely worth checking out even if you don't usually use faucets. The link to the site it - http://btcheat.com/?i=154664 I wish you all good luck!
  14. Ripple faucet

    Hi guys now you can claim free ripple! The highest award is 300$ worth of ripples. You can start earning ripple's by clicking here!
  15. Some have asked for it, here it is Another really simple faucet to win some spatooshis : Bitcoinker (ref link) You just have to add your BTC adress and resolve the captcha. Very VERY simple. You can claim every 5 minutes with a maximum to 120 faucets a day. The amount of satoshis you'll receive is random between 10 sato up to 100k ! For my own experience you'll mostly receive between 10 and 50 satos for a claim but you can have some 50+ during the day. I already had some 150 or 200 satos and had once or twice 1k or 2k. Never saw more than that myself tho. Note : you are not allowed to use VPS, VPN or Proxy (take care about that and the 120 faucets/day limit because they are strict) ** 2 ways to win more with Bitcoinker : 1. They have an affiliate program where you can earn 10% of what people you refer earn. 2. You have a seniority bonus. If you claim at least ONE time everyday you'll receive a bonus : 10% on every claim after 30 days, 15% after 60 days, 20% after 90 days, 25% after 120 days and 30% after 150 days. ** Payout : Payouts are made every Sundays 11:00 AM (GMT) as soon as you have 20.000 satoshis in your balance. But if you don't want to pay fees to often you can set a manual threshold at a specific amount (like 25k or 50k or more ... as you wish) I already withdrew more than 100.000 satoshis with them. When I was more active there i usually made between 2500 and 3000 satoshis everyday ... without any affiliate at the time ! Thanks to everyone who will reward my post by following my affiliate link, greatly appreciate For the free satoshis => https://Bitcoinker.com/?r=1BHH62DMWRL5pNZbRzvT8o9ooEMWR2mB33
  16. Since there is no proper subject about those 3 websites, there it is. Links are affiliate. MoonBitcoin : http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=a8aead4d7348 MoonLitecoin : http://moonliteco.in/?ref=0f524570e8b7 MoonDogecoin : http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=65a9526ecdaa NEW : MoonDash : http://moondash.co.in/?ref=B1D87887E065 I'm not too much about fauceting because they pay peanuts vs time investment and/or lots of them are not reliable. But I had to say those 3 are almost the only one I use on a daily basis. I use them 2 or 3 time a day and they really pay since years. The principle is simple : you choose when you wanna claim. You can claim them every 5 minutes if you want to win the maximum possible (but it's grueling) or once/twice a day if you are ok with less benefit. The faucet will gradually fill up quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time. The earnings at the beginning are low. BUT the advantage is on the long run with the multiple bonus they offer : --------------------------- - Loyalty Bonus : everyday you claim the faucet in a row you'll increases your amount by 1%, up to a maximum of 100%. So after 100 days you'll double your earnings. - Referral Bonus : for every person you'll refer to the faucet you'll receive a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims. Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make. NOT BAD. - Offer Bonus (only on MoonBitcoin) : the have an offerwalls and for every offer/survey completed within the last 30 days you will receive a 5% bonus added on to every faucet claim that you make (up to a maximum of 100%). - Mystery Bonus : that's a ... mystery Basically it's a random number between 1% and 100%. I will not lie i have a looooot more often between 1 and 10% than higher but ponctually i had some 97-98-99%. Which is cool. With the loyalty bonus at 100% it multiply you earnings by 3. - Mining Bonus (only on MoonBitcoin) : If you tick the option and let the browser tab open, your computer will mine some additional satoshis (up to 2-3k a day with my own test). I don't recommend usually those type of mining since it's bad for you computer but they have a nice option who allow you to choose the CPU power you want to mine with : 20% (low) to 80% (very high). --------------------------- At the end of the day i made around 2.5k satoshis /day on MoonBitcoin just by claiming 2-3 times. And i don't have a lot of referrals neither i use the mining bonus or the offer bonus. If you like a consistant entry of satoshis, litoshis and dogecoins i recommend thoses 3 sites. Even Moonlitcoin and Moondogeoin are a little less interesting because they don't have the mining or offer bonus. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post them, i'll answer in the best way possible Payouts : the payout are made directly via a Coinpot account which have the advantage to centralized multiple faucets. So for example you claim satoshis on some faucets and as soon as the total amount is only 50k sato you can transfer them to your wallet. Limits are 50k satoshis, 200k litoshis and 50 dogecoins. MoonLitecoin : http://moonliteco.in/?ref=0f524570e8b7 MoonDogecoin : http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=65a9526ecdaa MoonBitcoin : http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=a8aead4d7348 MoonDash : http://moondash.co.in/?ref=B1D87887E065 Some withdraws :
  17. Hi all, I've been playing around at freebitcoin website and they really do pay a lot! A big faucet every hour and you can win a jackpot every 6 days! The HILO game is very nice, I use there autobet feature all the time. I started with 0 sats and I'm at almost at 0.01 BTC just using their autobet feature with a nice strat. High-Rollers can defenitely win big here but without trying to win big at once. I've got to admit house edge is not so good. I really recommend this site! As my refferal you get a 50% bonus of my free rolls and 0.25% of my wagered amount. You can also share up to 20btc with your fellow refferals. I unfortunately don't have that much. You can withdraw an amount as little as 30k sats at any moment with just a 400 sat fee. The fee stays 400 sats unless you use their instant withdrawal option. I wish luck to all those who will try out Freebitcoin! EDIT: a reacent update on this website allows people to mine bitcoins using their browser. This feature is still in a test fase so it's limited and not always working correctly but I already won some with it.
  18. Faucet Adjustment

    No more faucets until u wagered 1 btc, this will prevent all those alts created specially for harvesting all the time, remember 1 alt claims 20 times 100 sat a day that is 2000 sato, 10 alts = 20.000 sat. That way we gonna loose all those peope that are just coming here to pick up faucet and beg all the time. Feel free to shoot
  19. faucet to 0.015 to 0

    last night i got 0.015 with faucet, but i dont stop and lost all in 3 minutes to 9x and now i think this
  20. Anyone else having this problem, where you must go thru captcha completions for up to 10 to 15 minutes. clicking through it all correctly, getting to the "verify" page.. only to have it begin again.. and after anywhere between 3 and 15 rounds FINALLY credit the faucet? I've tried "clearing cookies" and using other browsers as well as in private browsers.. but there's been some times that its literally taken me 15-20 minutes just to get through 1 captcha, is that really what you had in mind to limit the faucet pd admin???
  21. Today I have used faucet nearly 25 times so far. I don't know the limit per day but hope not to use again today.
  22. from faucet

    I taught I was gonna be busted there from faucet 100 sats turns to 200k sats using 2.4x payout ,86% on loss and on win reset to base with basebet 600 ,lucky hehe
  23. Make faucet dynamic

    When faucet is direct linked to BTC price there will be a balance in value, that works good for both sides i guess. So if price of BTC goes up faucet will be lowered, if price goes down faucet will go up.