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  1. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: @Mistletoe Funniest Primdice: @Noahbreezy Favorite Primedice forum poster: @Mistletoe Favorite Primedice chat user: @CaptainLorca Most intelligent Primedicer: @Zoltan Most influential Primedicer: @Robear Best Primedice moderator: @Kristoffff Funniest Primedice support member: @Irena Favorite Primedice support member: @Bojana Favorite Primedice admin: @Dan
  2. Magandang wallet

    Onga maganda Coins PH. Marami magagawa. Sana magdagdag na sila ng option na makabili na ng altcoin din. Basta ako ngaun sa PD lang muna ako. Hindi na ako bumalik sa telegram. Buti nalang nabasa ko rin feedbacks nyo about it.
  3. Your Sexual Assault Experience

    Sorry to hear that 🙁 well I still feel the same everytime I remember those experiences too. You know what you should do, but you are just stunned and couldn't think properly during that situation. It's irritating coz' you were not able to fight for yourself. Wow didn't imagine that you were once a victim too Captain 😞 reading your story makes it clearer that anyone can be a victim of this. That woman doesn't have a right to touch you anywhere. She's making an excuse by challenging you to prove that you're a man. That's bull! 😣 Good to know that it had no psychological effect on you. 😃
  4. Provincial Rates (Philippines)

    Yeah that's one of the reason also. Buf I think it's either they cannot afford it or they're just pretending 🙄 hmm maybe because they allot a huge amount for the transport?but still, it is not justifiable! 🙁
  5. Just a Couple of Reminders Mga Kababayan

    Salamat sa reminder Mistle 🤓. Agree ako sa lahat ng pinoint out mo. Dumating ako dito sa PD na sakto tinigil nila PPP. Kaya as much as possible kung may nakikita akong obvious na spammer, nirereport ko agad. Parang nagiging forum police na rin ako. Sayang kasi eh. Hindi to katulad ng ibang PPP noon na nakikita ko at maganda community dito. Sayang lang kung dudumugin nanaman ng spammers na wala naman naa-add na value sa mga post. Tsaka yang flaming oo minsan pansin ko meron ganyan dito. Wag nalang patulan para hindi ma out of topic na rin. Higit sa lahat wag natin abusuhin kabaitan ng mods and support.
  6. Cremation vs. burial

    Wow it is cheaper in your country? It's the opposite here 😂. There's a lot of extra fees on cremation here. Is the Catholic church against it? Didn't know that 😮 Well it is really taking up space! But it will be hard for the government or private groups to require cremation to save land space. There are so many religions out there.
  7. How do you store your bitcoins?

    I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Captain ☺ I haven't tried but I've watched some vids on Youtube. I can't use it anyway. Lol Maybe another option. I'll use it as a company bonus incentive then 😂 I trust PD bank I store most of my btc there. I just withdraw some amount to buy some things.
  8. what will you do if get you angry?

    @NyaoNyao ah I see. Is it a strength or cardio workout? @MegaBetzZz scream under a pillow? Lol I prefer without one. 😂 @merlyn22 Sorry to hear about that 🙁. @cryptos_fr that's a healthy way of assessing one's mood. I salute you 😉
  9. Video game violence

    @NyaoNyao I like it when mobile versions of PC games stick to the original gameplay. 😆 now let's continue the violence part in it haha 😈
  10. Loud fart

    @Ssociety lol that is scary man!!! baby coming out from a fart 😂 @Mistletoe can you control your fart? Coz' I can!😂 hahaha. It cooperates with me when I'm public or if I am in the office.
  11. PD Member makeup

    Whoa really? You know when they they always sound angry? That's how I hear them 😆 French peeps sound that they are fond of something. They express it feelings. Well that's how I hear them.
  12. Business with small capital

    Well some of the sellers that I know can do that on their home 😄. It depends if they have extra space and they know how to store their goods. But some online stores are just resellers of the product. They don't need to have the product to sell it. Have you guys heard of dropshipping? That's how it is. It's better of you drop ship items that already has an established name.😀
  13. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    @Mistletoe haha maybe he is on his alts or transferred to Stake.🤔 @Noahbreezy lol since that day are you prating on tour bets?😆 @MegaBetz me too! I know that 1k sats is very small but I feel happy everytime I win the bet 😂. The guy in the video maybe is the same but on a different amount lol
  14. @Mistletoe akala ko bawal talaga yung ganung laro mismo haha. So permit lang talaga @Br1 ah ang baba pala ng pusta sa ganyan. Hindi pa ako nakatry ng mga ganyan lol. Sa mga perya ba yan or kahit saan?
  15. Hardware wallets

    @MegaBetzZz I think so too. Even banks csn be hacked. What we can only do is trust that they will be able to bring back our money in case of trouble.