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  1. Anti Radiation glasses

    my new rad glasses sorry I'm shy haha. I can feel the strain on my eyes when I forget to wear mine. I swear that this type of eye glasses helped me a lot! you should buy one soon @Dan and show yer pic wearing one
  2. ^ They seem busy or they need more than 1 admin. I was just accepted recently. Not a very active group we got here.
  3. Cremation vs. burial

    The earth is 4.54 billion years old and the population is growing. I think that cremation is better than burial coz it takes a lot of space. Have you guys heard of cremated ashes used as a fertilizer to grow a tree?I think it serves a better purpose than a coffin.
  4. Demand to win to god

    People are also doing it on sports, contests, etc. Winning againts another human that 'God' loves, do you guys think he will grant that wish?people should stop doing this.
  5. Crime is still a crime. No age limit for this. It takes someone to do something beyond the norms so something is wrong with them. They should be kept in prison for that.
  6. Collapse of the banking system

    Humans will be able to adapt and invent something that would help the system. So don't worry
  7. He is one of the best Presidents . He's done so many things for our country in a short time. He is so busy working at his age too.
  8. Impeachment against pres. Duterte

    Haha no one would support this even though they file it a lot of times. Yes we don't like some of the casee that we are hearing about him but where can you find another one like him who's brave and honest. Lastly, he is the only one who sincerely talks about serving the Filipino people.
  9. Duterte War on Drugs

    It looks chaotic because drugs has a big influence in the community. It is hard for the government to catch big fishes too.
  10. church and state

    Yes the government should implement this. There are different beliefs and hey up to now where is this 'God' they are talking about. No disrepect but I still do believe there is a higher being. But until we have no evidence of his existence, we should go on with what we have in our law.
  11. Provincial Rates (Philippines)

    True. And it has been going on for years. I hear from the news last night that the minimum wage in the Metro will increase. I guess prices will increase as well. How bad can it get for the people in the provinces.
  12. the Philippines, ISIS and USA

    Duterte won't let that happen. Also the Filipino people already stopped being an underdog to US since Duterte are finding other alliances.
  13. Anti Radiation glasses

    I see haha. I'll stick to my new one till I get tired of it haha
  14. Water Fruit Infusion

    Yeah oh okay thanks lol I'll try to find one. That would be much better. Thanks
  15. Meet the tallest dog ever.

    true haha. I've seen a lot of owners being dragged by their big dogs lol