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  1. Hey jhoi! Lot's of pinays here in the forum! Welcome and enjoy!
  2. That's bad. At least you've got your profit as spare. Learn to send to your bank account once in a while so that you can keep some in case you'll bust your bank roll.
  3. Username: zale023
  4. Catching up to your stream! Good luck @Carollzinha
  5. My only username to all accounts is: zale023 Nice and simple giveaway @3mily
  6. Yeah, I can relate to that! hahaha!
  7. We would be very pleased too see you use your personal picture as your avatar sir
  8. Don't play long for any successful strategy that you know. It will eventually bust.
  9. Now man, you'll hit a load-full of users here Your meme is savage! Gotta make some savage memes too :^)
  10. @Gerald23 Sad that you are experiencing what I experience now bro. There's no hope for them paying us back. Sucks.
  11. @Cordiceps I created this thread long ago! We can post other memes here too!
  12. Good luck @Carollzinha! Aim for the Jackpot! I hope you will win!
  13. Rape obviously. Even if it is your wife. If you engage sexually and then the other is not giving you consent then you are committing rape. Forcing a woman to have sex and especially your wife? It's just the lowest of all low that a man you can be. Imagine what traumatic experience it can be.
  14. Last set for today! Hope you all enjoy!
  15. I'll be posting more memes! Stay tune!