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  1. I need some help

    This is a good suggestion but not on a priority level. There are some users who doesn't enable sound/music during playing (just like me). You will be notified too if someone tipped you too.
  2. Opening Soon - BTC Shop

    Almost 1 month on preparation. I wish you best on this kind of business @Morros
  3. Edwards Age is 39

    Edward's age is 26. I hope I'm correct with this one
  4. hello~! friends

    Welcome to Primedice Forum @what90! Learn interesting gambling techniques here!
  5. Apple accepting bitcoin and ethereum

    Wow bitcoin is already spreading in such companies. This is a really good news!

    Price - I'd go for ETH on this. Mining - Both are more on less the same when it comes to mining. Fast to achieve - I'd pick ETH. Duration, that is if it survives - ETH of course. This altcoin should still be here on the next few years. Where it is easy to buy - Do you mean where you can buy it easy? I do exchange though from trading platforms like bittrex.
  7. Bullcoin or Bullshit?

    Chain scams from big sites I hope that there will be no sites with the same crime to emerge again. Keep safe guys.
  8. Legality of bitcoin by country or territory

    Is bitcoin not legal in your country? Pretty sure it's legal already to some countries including mine (Philippines). It's already existing my friend. Are you not into legalizing bitcoin in any way?
  9. BTC in prayer point

    I think we all do pray that bitcoin would sky rocket. It's actually skyrocketing now so prayers were heard.
  10. I think they can still login their accounts but is restricted to view the posts and make posts.
  11. Who Misses the Happy Hour?

    Not on late August, the last was on the end week of May after the faucet changes. Let me highlight your question, "Would you want it to make it so only people who deposited in the past can claim happy hour faucet?". I have a strong feeling on this. The one's who would really enjoy if ever the happy hour will be back again is mostly the VIP's who wagered a big amount of BTC during the past and those who've wagered above 10 BTC too. Part of me wants to have the happy hour back but I thought of this too. That is why I'm asking all fellow gamblers but they don't give off much of a conversation here. I really appreciate the works of our Mods on PD chat with the bonus rains too . I observed the chat went lively with that and mods-player relationship is getting better.
  12. Travel to space

    See you in 3017! Hahaha, though I have dreamt of having time machine, reality is it's still impossible.
  13. Trading techniques

    You really need to make your own detailed research about what coins to hold onto and observe their progress on a daily basis.
  14. Wow great interview! I enjoyed while reading the exchange of words. Conversations coming from @Bojana is always cheerful! Thank you @ledust for this another great interview. Hope to read an interview with either of the admins or regular players here