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  1. Can count me in? Let's get to play!
  2. what is your foolest bet here in primedice?

    Well my heart was racing and felt like it's better to change sides. Which was not the best idea after all
  3. what is your foolest bet here in primedice?

    Probably this. Lost 0.03+ in a flash.
  4. I earn from Bitconnect

    Lots of lending ICO's are already booming that have the same concept with Bitconnect. I think it is good to invest in lending platforms like this.
  5. There have been lots of it circulating on social media and bitcointalk.org. Just go to Altcoins section and you can find it there. Or at your social media walls if your account is crypto related.
  6. Beware of Phishing!

    So they're at it again now that BTC is hitting real good. Always be careful guys! Been a victim twice.
  7. There are lots of airdrops ongoing right now! Stay tune on social media and bitcointalk.org. You might get free money just like on eBTC and eCASH.
  8. Last letter game

  9. Hello from Philippines

    Welcome to Pd Forum @Marieya! Fellow Pinoy gambler here
  10. Stake Giveaway(0.002 BTC)

    Username: zale023 Roll: 11050
  11. Anti Radiation glasses

    Yeah maybe my friend got Harry's invisible cloak
  12. pepe

    SpongePepe Squarepants
  13. Last letter game

  14. In My Ass Game :P

    Butterflies in my ass
  15. Buy and Sell (PD to Coins.ph and vice versa)

    Okay salamat pre! Nag low fee na pala ang coins.ph