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  1. So many beautiful ladys its hard to pick just one
  2. Well its soon time to end the year and bitcoin has grown tremendously how much do you think it will be valied by the end of the year
  3. For me my favorite support meber would be bojana helpfull beautiful and full of humor what about you who is your favorite?
  4. I would think they deleted this post by now this seems redundant at this point
  5. Need 0.1

    I can say ive known prinz a long time and she is well trusted by my standards
  6. Username:wolfgames or wolfbain any one
  7. ??didnt know u loved me jen
  8. new giveaway abbas50 0.15

    Thanks agian <3 username:WolfBain
  9. If u mean duck dice message me stans contact i was supposed to contact and resolve a personal matter awhile ago and forgot
  10. Scam Accusation - imonit

    I never said in chat to loan anyone i told everyone to pm loans u asked if he was a trusted member i gave all information i know 1 he has old and vip account and paid all loans to date 2:i never said to loan twice 3:its kinda messed up to blame me when u only asked my opinion on the matter knowing the risk but thanks and i hope you all get paid
  11. I know being a MOD seems flashy but its alot of work what are things you would do other than mute people to help out if u were a mod?
  12. All or nothing from faucet can work if your lucky and its little risk if its only faucet u can yolo at 1x -1.2x and switch sides every 2-3 bets whiles maxing and if your lucky you could get 30+ green and be on your way to having a bank to play with tho its not a strategy for the weak u must have balls to use this
  13. The price of btc has taken a fall if it were to drop hard to atleast $1500 or less would you play pd more?
  14. Wolfgames whitelist

    https://forum.primedice.com/topic/25706-apply-for-wolfgames-whitelist/ Apply here https://forum.primedice.com/topic/25706-apply-for-wolfgames-whitelist/ Apply here