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  1. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    geez that was awesome! $40k by now
  2. 680k from 100k [almost busted, rage betting]

    Sweet one! congrats
  3. Cryterium, the new big altcoin to come?

    Hey Ssociety I'm kinda new in this altcoin so I'm still doing a Q&A with the supports. I'll tell you a bit more about it soon! Thank you for your reply!!
  4. I learned about this altcoin when someone posted it on chatbox. I personally believe this altcoin will be another "big" thing. Until 27 November, you will get 15% bonus of every payment you made. Min purchase - 75 CRPT tokens (0.0075 BTC). I did purchased for myself too If you sign up with this link, you will get reward amounts to 1%. My reward amounts will be up to 5.0% of all CRPT tokens purchased by my referral. https://tokensale.crypterium.io/?ref=a5789449024f9b0a5b5e6375 - Explanation of Crypterium on youtube - : __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q1. Ok, but why should I Invest in it? Okay, here are 5 reasons of why you should buy Cryterium : 1. Limited offer --> All tokens will be issued only during ICO. This is coded in the CRPT Smart Contract, therefore it is 100% guaranteed by decentralized blockchain protocol. There will be no tokens issued after ICO. 2. Constant demand --> All Crypterium solutions require CRPT tokens for usage and the amount of tokens in circulation will constantly decrease. The CRPT token is the fuel for Crypterium transaction processing. With every transaction, a small number of CRPT tokens are “burned”. 3. Loyalty rewards --> By owning CRPT tokens and making transactions you will automatically become a member of our Loyalty Program, which provides cashback up to 80% for every transaction you make. 4. Compliance with SEC regulation --> We worked closely with one of the best lawyers in blockchain and the SEC regulation sphere. Our legal opinion is that CRPT tokens are a utility and not a security. This guarantees a fast listing on exchanges after ICO. 5. Technical brilliance --> The team who developed CRPT Smart Contract has 5 years of experience in blockchain solutions. We also secured a technical audit from Ambisafe, who confirmed the quality and security of our Smart Contract. Q2 : Ok, but why do you think it's going to be another big thing? Okay, here are another 5 reasons why this altcoin is gonna be another "big" thing : 1. 7 years of experience --> We started creation of the most capable and convenient payment processing solution 7 years ago. Crypterium is the cumulative peak of that collaboration, utilizing the most efficient technology developed by our experienced team. 2. Developed ecosystem --> Crypterium’s goal is not just to create another cryptowallet or bank cryptocard. We focus only on future technologies and infrastructure, using contactless payment technologies and creating full-fledged banking solutions 3. Lowest and fairest exchange rates --> Crypterium will erase geographic and mental boundaries between different currencies and cryptoassets by guaranteeing the lowest exchange rate and immediate exchanges, using CrypteriumSX technology. Payment transfers and other transactions are quick and easy – no different than working in the currency of your own country. 4. Credit and lending solutions --> The biggest difference between cryptocurrency and fiat is that cryptocurrencies can not generate standard interest profit like a banking system. We are creating solutions which will enable the generation of interest profit in a blockchain based world. 5. Everything in your smartphone! --> Why have a variety of services if you can’t access them quickly and easily? We are focused on mobile technologies to ensure we provide banking services with no limits, restrictions or delays. For those who purchased, regardless with my referral link or not (because I also bought it), Let's hope this ICO will booming as how it expected to be. Have a nice day everyone
  5. Quantumhash. The new auroramine?

    Sure and goodluck! Thanks Kurian. I appreciate it. Goodluck! :))
  6. Do you think primedice is truly fair?

    Primedice is fair I think. It was the first casino that created dice game also (if I'm not mistaken). So yeah, I think primedice is fair
  7. Yo bois. So I Found this new site that looked just like auroramine (At least I think so??!) Free 125 gh/s for register, Just register and u can withdraw it whenever u got the chance to. Register with my ref link : https://q-advert.org/?ref=98312 without ref link : https://www.quantumhash.net Its free. And the best part? It's new. So reap or gain a lot of profit while u can. And last but not least, invest at your own risk! Goodluck *Note : The site is new.
  8. [Prediction] Every Date 15

    Not a bad prediction dude. Lets see how it goes anyways thats nice dp u got.
  9. I'm so close at withdrawing I'll post it here when I did. Also you can just try it for free without deposit at all, at 3 days you'll get approximately 8000+ sats. Not bad right?
  10. Hey all, I want to introduce this amazing mining site to you guys... When register, u guys get 100 hashpower for FREE! Its only 3 days since my register time without depositing and I already get 8000 satoshis. With doing literally nothing! Also they offer contract for life time, with daily payout (you can withdraw anytime, whenever, and wherever!). Affiliate earning up to 3 tier 6%, 3% ,1% Here is the registration link : https://www.auroramine.com/?ref=140089 and this is the official facebook link of auroramine : https://www.facebook.com/AuroraMineLtd/ and here u can confirm the company : https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk ( Company number: 10956583). *NB: They have over 205.000 members! *NB: Please do your own research before investing and always start with smallest amount possible like $ 10-15 so that you can withdraw daily because minimum withdraw limit is $1.40. Or you guys can just try it for free and withdraw when u can without depositing at all Thank you everyone and goodluck
  11. Done registered with your sponsor name. My registered username is : wilberthh
  12. New coin - WCXT

    Registered man
  13. 0.1 Giveaway!

    I'll go with BCH. It might low now, but one day, it might have higher value than btc.
  14. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    PD username : wilberthh 32:10
  15. 9900x and 4950x

    Me too. When I tried to hit it with more than 1 it never hit the dice hate me for sure.