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  1. [Prediction] Every Date 15

    Not a bad prediction dude. Lets see how it goes anyways thats nice dp u got.
  2. I'm so close at withdrawing I'll post it here when I did. Also you can just try it for free without deposit at all, at 3 days you'll get approximately 8000+ sats. Not bad right?
  3. Hey all, I want to introduce this amazing mining site to you guys... When register, u guys get 100 hashpower for FREE! Its only 3 days since my register time without depositing and I already get 8000 satoshis. With doing literally nothing! Also they offer contract for life time, with daily payout (you can withdraw anytime, whenever, and wherever!). Affiliate earning up to 3 tier 6%, 3% ,1% Here is the registration link : https://www.auroramine.com/?ref=140089 and this is the official facebook link of auroramine : https://www.facebook.com/AuroraMineLtd/ and here u can confirm the company : https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk ( Company number: 10956583). *NB: They have over 205.000 members! *NB: Please do your own research before investing and always start with smallest amount possible like $ 10-15 so that you can withdraw daily because minimum withdraw limit is $1.40. Or you guys can just try it for free and withdraw when u can without depositing at all Thank you everyone and goodluck
  4. Done registered with your sponsor name. My registered username is : wilberthh
  5. New coin - WCXT

    Registered man
  6. 0.1 Giveaway!

    I'll go with BCH. It might low now, but one day, it might have higher value than btc.
  7. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    PD username : wilberthh 32:10
  8. 9900x and 4950x

    Me too. When I tried to hit it with more than 1 it never hit the dice hate me for sure.
  9. 11.6 Bitcoins in one roll

    Oh my god. That's insane. But congrats virtualbox
  10. Congratulations Micro! Primedice will eventually get better and better.
  11. 10k sat to 0.014btc

    so lucky! hope you make more.
  12. faucet to 0.012 and bust in 3 minuntes

    Totally agree. Hahahha!
  13. All in opposite side

    Sometimes I felt the same way too
  14. problem with my forum balance

    Just knew it. Thanks for the information.
  15. i wish there is poker in stake.com

    Yeah it would be awesome