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  1. Legend Hufflepuff

    guys he have win by exploit it's a scammer ... Look on Google guys it's not a model.
  2. Legend Hufflepuff

    I remember that ...
  3. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    PD username = VySBank 86.47
  4. Up to 0.02BTC Giveaway

    2550$ i think !
  5. Username: VySBank Joined date: 08.18.2015
  6. SNOW WHITE AND THE 7 BANASAGE ! Username : VySBank
  7. oh sorry it's good now ..
  8. VySBank ? Present !

    I'm French ahahahaaaa yeah ! true x) Thx Irena <3 yeah me too, We will talk to each other on the chat No problem we have the time for know us
  9. Username : VySBank May the odds be ever in your favour !
  10. From 0.1btc to 20btc

    oh dammnn good game bro ! Don't loss all aha I'm jealous !
  11. I nominate MrNice23 for his generosity, his kindness, it's a very active person and always the one to cheer up .. He is very much invested and I think he is one of the best to take this role.
  12. French thread/French chat

    Very good idea ... in 3 years i've never see the French Chat Room and I've see many french u know what I say my friend .. I hope It's will arrived very fastly !
  13. VySBank ? Present !

    Hi all ! You surely see me on the chat under this name: VySBank and I think it is me aha I am happy to see the evolution of primedice in only 3 years is quite impressive and now there is even a forum so why not participate in the active life of the site by registering to have an important place in this Community at least much more than before! I wish you all a good day and good luck to all, If you have a question about me I would gladly answer See u later, guys! : P P.S : Please, tell me VyS'