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  1. Same as me also i play 1.5x i nned to change payout 1.8x I did not see the payout it 18x i bet come with red. sadly .but some time i got green with low Base Bet.
  2. Happy New Years from Primedice!

    Happy New Year to all Primedice Admins,Support Team, Users. I wish 2018 also great for all. Lets Start A New Beginning. Wish You A Lucky New Year. Special thanks to DAN.
  3. [Lottery Stream] 27.12.2017.

    i wish i m not miss this lottery stream i will try my luck. thanks you for giveaway and Happy Holidays <3
  4. Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Username: Visions Merry Christmas to you all PD Admin,Staff and Member . Thanks you for giveaway Edward
  5. Primedice needs your help!

    I m always with you Primedice We. Love u
  6. If i Spam in forum I can make 10$ a day easy But I love Forum i need to active for Future. I don't want banned. for spamming.
  7. which site are lucky u ?

    always Pd is best for me.
  8. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: Singpays Funniest Primdice: Singpays Favorite Primedice forum poster:Carllzinha Favorite Primedice chat user:Faris93 Most intelligent Primedicer:HUI Most influential Primedicer: Best Primedice moderator:Zoltan Funniest Primedice support member:Irena Favorite Primedice support member:Bojana Favorite Primedice admin: Edward
  9. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    awesome hunt game lets do it
  10. Fuck it, you tell me what to invest in

    I think you have already Invest in ETH. So my Advice u will be invest in 1btc only per coin. if u invest 10btc on one coin .100% coin will be dump some . my Choice is Ripple , DASH ,MONERO, and 40% chance to pump BITCOINCASH. or CLAM. I hope u will be Billionaire.
  11. buddy just Cool If any Govt.Banned Bitcoin close one way. and u have 100 back door open to sell and buy Bitcoin.
  12. I don't know where i can fit on all 6. i m change day to day.
  13. oh that nice giveaway good luck all
  14. Unexpected Roll

    Too Bad luck buddy. if anyone Hunt 9900x just bet min amount bet. if u got green u don't be greedy .once u do per Roll and hit 9900x feel very bad.
  15. that True Buddy must have Patience. on that type of business. then u can Earn much much better.