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  1. Birdy yo

    15 years
  2. Birdy yo

    thanks, she is so cute
  3. el martes clasificamos vamos colombia
  4. Birdy yo

    this is my parrot, her name is marina, i love birds VID_20171006_161842.mp4
  5. Addiction

    yeah , i have a addiction to coca-cola, when i try to stop drinking it, my body starts shaking and sweating cold
  6. you know shakira is from barraquilla, thats the way we all girls dance lol w also have the reference of our carnival
  7. if you are an otaku, what's your favorite ANIME?

    in spanish: NARUTO = RELLENUTO
  8. Whats the sexiest accent?

    spanish accent
  9. BTC will go $5000?

    bitcoin will reach 5k this year
  10. i swam in rodadero beach open sea totally drunk at midday with a boat next to me, if i had the opportunity to do it, i would do it again, i am a totally existentialist or totally nuts
  11. Loud fart

    my students are so closed to me that even in the recess time want to be with me, once i wanted to fart and run away out the classroom and they followed because they wanted to know what happened, so i farted and they stayed there, they didnt move with a funny expression on their faces, so i said "i dont fart alone?" so they said "of course not"
  12. yeah i guess so, primedice slaves
  13. lol, thats so damn crazy
  14. i cannot live without playing this, i dont know why.