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  1. ¿Te gustan Chavo del ocho?

    no soy mexicana, pero crecí viendo al chavo del ocho, muchas generaciones lo han visto y aun sigue siendo una serie excelente, chespirito es un genio, siempre vivrá en los corazones de todos los latinos, VIVA MÉXICO CA...... JAJAJAJA
  2. Happy New Year 2018

    happy new year 2018 to all primedicers
  3. 2018 New Year's Resolution ?

    to be multibillionaire to help a lot of people
  4. Strategy

    there is no strategy, its just about luck, just deposit and have fun, remember this is not a site for working , it is a site for gambling, welcome and good luck
  5. 📢 Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: hui Funniest Primedicer: thefrog Favorite Primedice forum poster: zoltan Favorite Primedice chat user: mr.nice Most intelligent Primedicer: robear Most influential Primedicer: dan Best Primedice moderator: darko Funniest Primedice support member: irena Favorite Primedice support member: bojana Favorite Primedice admin: micro
  6. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    the things that, how much is this btc dream gonna last? cause nothin' is forever... btc wont last forever
  7. what would you do if you win 100 btc?

    oh wow, this post was hwn btc cost 2k, even though it was a huge amount at that time, guess nowadays, omg, i could be fine to pay some debts and buy some things for the house, that's all
  8. Your oldest Primedice memory

    nothing has changed a lot, new players, new member, i remember the streamings, i used to watch them all, primedice was your first time... my first time i entered to virtual gambling bitcoin casino, i will always love pd
  9. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    the point is, planes dont have reverse ... the point is that planes dont have reverse
  10. 🏆 Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    hard to win bojana, mostly these days
  11. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    that wont hppen ever, once btc is high, a plane could be in reverse not btc
  12. i want to see new games like slots, t only dices in this site for example a bingo game live with ballots a machine and people with cards
  13. Smart Cat's

    whatever, i dont like cats
  14. Smart Cat's

    sorry, i hate cats
  15. SashaKarpik Stream #12 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    good luck sasha earn a lot of money vinka1976