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  1. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    that wont hppen ever, once btc is high, a plane could be in reverse not btc
  2. i want to see new games like slots, t only dices in this site for example a bingo game live with ballots a machine and people with cards
  3. Smart Cat's

    whatever, i dont like cats
  4. Smart Cat's

    sorry, i hate cats
  5. SashaKarpik Stream #12 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    good luck sasha earn a lot of money vinka1976
  6. good luck shinjo vinka1976
  7. Do you guys check Bitcoin price everyday?

    i check bitcoin price every 5 minutes, and i dont know why, cause i dont have any single btc in my wallet yet, but soon
  8. Cremation vs. burial

    religion is fixed like casinos lol
  9. good luck oleg vinka1976
  10. 1btc = 10k in December 2017?

    btc reached 17k yesterday and lost 3k today, let's see what its gonna happen
  11. sexy santa sexy mama santa sexy outfit picture challenge lol
  12. best outfit.......
  13. good luck shinjo vinka1976
  14. good luck shinjo vinka1976