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  1. UltraChief

    Forum satoshis displaying wrong

    For a moment I thought I was rich AF. Then I realized it was a blue pill.😂
  2. I am sorry I have to deny this. Not giving loans to new customers with any collateral.
  3. Loan granted. Sending 600k satoshi from Bank. Repayment date - by 25th April, 2018 Interest rate - 10% per day.
  4. Can we stop posting here about increasing faucet? The faucet is not built for abuse. Its NOT going to increase. Accept it and move on.
  5. UltraChief

    !!!!!!!!!!Booom .1 !!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to your big win. I would advice you to cash it out and not play for now. Big wins in casinos are rare and people get greedy too when they get money in their hands.
  6. UltraChief

    Good news for Pornatics!

    Honestly speaking, nobody buys their porn, if you know what I mean. This news will pump the price of XVG for a few days weeks months ?? After that it will go back to being a shitcoin again.
  7. UltraChief

    Teslamining with 200 GH/s for free !

    Its a cloud mining site for sure - one of the good examples of the scam HYIP/MLMs seen in the internet. Those who are going to invest in it do it at your own risk.
  8. UltraChief

    jamyr - Defaulted on a loan

    I have given a loan of 200k satoshi to @jamyr Its way past due repayment date: https://forum.primedice.com/topic/29174-lending-ultrabank-loans-exchanges-forum-credits-your-one-stop-shop-for-all-financial-needs/?do=findComment&comment=204176 He has not responded and been missing in action now, both here and on bitcointalk. Tagging @Milan to take the necessary steps.
  9. Extension granted. Repayment amount - 500k + 300k (interest for 6days) + 1st extension interest. New Repayment date - by 22th April, 2018 Yes. Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback. @jbenjaminy Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback
  10. UltraChief

    New Design, many issues

    Welcome to PD5. If you feel "scammed" then know this. Primedice owes you nothing. Minimum tip is 1$ equivalent in bitcoin are current exchange rate.
  11. Extension granted. Repayment amount = 600k + 600k (5day interest) + 1st extension interest (at same rate 10% per day) Repayment date - April 20, 2018
  12. Pd 3 If I remember correctly. Used another account back in 2015 then. I remember pd4 came soon after I had registered. The same drama being seen today was seen during that time as well.
  13. @1claire Extension granted for 7 days at same interest rate. New repayment date - 20th April, 2018
  14. Thats is not publicly disclosed. Post in any section you want and you should be able to figure that out. However any attempt to "farm" PPP will be met with proper steps from admins.
  15. UltraChief

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the Primedice forum. Read the rules and guidelines before posting in any section. Good luck on your rolls.