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  1. Still worth?

    The only mining I suggest is to set up your own rig. Then invest in that rig and make it profitable enough by taking care of the electricity costs cooling systems and the ROI. Tough in my opinion and no longer profitable since 2013.
  2. Still worth?

    I never suggest anybody to invest in cloud mining or so. They are not something I like personally and we have had many scams in the past on cloud mining too. Most of they are HYIP/MLM - so dont trust everything you see on the internet.
  3. Space mining! Free 100Gh/s on signup

    Most cloud mining sites end up as scams because they are disguised ponzi schemes where the HYIP/MLM pyramid runs for sometime before it crashes. Dont invest more than what you can afford to lose.
  4. Hello PD!

    Glad you found the way to the forum crews new primedicer. Welcome to the forum and make sure to have fun
  5. @carlooch Loan request for 400k satoshi. Loan granted. Sending 400k satoshi from Bank. Interest rate 5% per day
  6. Free Ethereum Slots - No Deposit required

    Above responses are correct and the site is similar in design to the btcheat scam site. However this site does not allow deposits - so its like a free faucet now. Free ad revenues and they may or may not payout. Read what I wrote.
  7. Loan granted. Sending 150k satoshi from Bank. Interest rate - 5% per day. Repayment date - by 23rd January 2018
  8. Loan granted. Sending 300k from Bank. Interest rate - 5% per day Repayment date - by 22nd January 2018
  9. Looking for a loan of 100K

    This topic should be moved to "trashcan" because newbies are not allowed to ask for loans. Also that does not mean you can post loans requests in random boards like this. pinging @Bojana to lock this to prevent shitposting.
  10. @carlooch Repayment received thank you. I am sorry but I am no longer doing ethereum loans. I had one defaulter recently. Loan granted. Sending 200k from Bank Interest Rate - 5% per day. Repayment date - by 23rd January 2017 @september20 Extension of 1day at 5% per day granted. Repayment amount includes prior interest of 20% + 5% for 1day.
  11. Well I did and I wont regret it ever. Not simply for the price but for the fact that in future bitcoin will be the economy of the world. I believe in bitcoin and thus I buy bitcoin.
  12. @september20 Loan request for 200k satoshi. Loan granted. Sending 200k from Bank Interest rate - 20% for 1 day. Repayment date - by 19th January 2018
  13. Hello guys

    Welcome to Primedice forum fellow diceroller! Enjoy your stay and have fun in the forum. Glad to see you joined BLA crew. Make sure to have fun in the forum races. Spend some time looking around and getting to know everything as well
  14. Bitcoin will hit $100k in 2018?

    Well crypto investments are risky and should not be done by people to make cash quick. Because its not such. Crypto investments are to be done after proper research and only that much that a person can sustain even if they lose it all. Dont know why people there are being so stubborn.
  15. Those who have more than 1btc (like me) dont gamble on this site. We lend and invest the money in different places to make money off it and also trade it on exchanges. BTW Welcome to the BLA crew