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  1. Mycelium offers USB wallets via Amazon
  2. Japan seems liberal for new things and is quick to adapt, so Japan it is.
  3. First goal is 10 BTC but I want 100 BTC so badly.
  4. Referral and affiliate programs and to my surprise a cloud mining site. Not much but I get 0.01 a week. Also, I buy BTC and other altcoins weekly.
  5. No, but the company is UK based so. You can pay in BTC.
  6. Who is your fav Game of Thrones character apart from Hodor off course?
  7. primarily I use Poloniex but I think there are not enough new coins on it. Gotta try Bittrex.
  8. How much % increase after loss?
  9. also offer bitcoin debit card - both plastic and viryual. Price- Plastic - 15 Pounds Virtual - 2.5 pounds Monthly fee - 1 pounds No verification is needed (with limited use). Accepted everywhere where VISA is accepted
  10. I wish the price to go down for the rest of this year. What i am seeing the rush from all around the world to buy Bitcoin and legalizing bitcoin which is good, will drive the price up and up.
  11. Use Tor browser to surf the deepweb. Deepweb also called as Dark web is like universe. Many illegal activities happen there and whenever you open such a link by accident dont open it again and again out of curiosity. Authorities keep an eye on deepweb even if its anonymous. Also, tor browser advises taht you shouldnt use the browser in full screen, attackers can identify the PC or laptop model from screen size, I guess.
  12. Yeah heard this last night. Wish I can buy ether with that price
  13. Yes. For bitcoin to survive the fees should be reasonable and bitcoin unlimited helps in that case.
  14. Bancor ICO has raised $153 million in just under 3 hours. That's a record.