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  1. 1000 Rolls

    what strat is that? martingale??
  2. 6,000 usd seriously, what are the requierments??? referral ????????
  3. 0.015 sent to wrong person

    @BoRk for president ...
  4. you punks lol hahaha.. btw etn price drops like 500 sats lol
  5. so you can mine with free electricity wow nice
  6. Whats the sexiest accent?

    I never heard the accent in greek ??? hahaha
  7. Whats the sexiest accent?

    batangeno accent , really like it when they say 'dong' lol
  8. .012 btc I can't remember what happened with my deposit hahaha I think I played with that amount for a month lol
  9. Greater Profits

    Invest in both, I think some altcoins will rise this year but btc is will always be the king
  10. Is it too late to buy bitcoin?

    Yeah it will always be a risk to invest in btc.. so we must be careful lol
  11. yeah, I hope it will become that high.. I only have 4 etn lol... im just starting
  12. Why does China hate Bitcoin?

    lol really enemy??? maybe for some people but it is also an opportunity for others to earn hahah
  13. yeah , If we realize early that winning is hard maybe we withdrew that hahah

    Ouch I feel sorry for you .. I hope you will win other giveaways
  15. yeah hahaha I think I can mine 10 etn per day lol