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  1. Congrats to Samiest for winning 882 LTC today! from -300 LTC back to 582 LTC profit Paid out! enjoy your winnings
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  3. Fuck it, you tell me what to invest in

    i suggest you invest it in Ripple (XRP) its like a sleeping giant
  4. House of Panda ICO AIRDROP

    House Panda www.housepanda.eu is the world's first tokenized AI supercomputer & the first ICO from a startup incubated by NVIDIA The planned supercomputer will be the 17th most powerful https://www.top500.org/lists/2017/11/ in the world The supercomputer will be able to predict future prices today for cryptocurrencies, real estate, and stocks. Yes, it is possible:https://www.ted.com/talks/didier_sornette_how_we_can_predict_the_next_financial_crisis/discussion?mid=393129833&ml=33069884 You will be able to use HPT tokens to buy monthly subscriptions to the supercomputer. HPT tokens will be issued during an ICO (coming soon). More information on the project and ICO coming soon. Please read our Medium www.medium.com/@housepanda for more information. Project summary in 1 minute: www.housepanda.eu just join in their telegram. Claim your free tokens here. type /claim in telegram https://t.me/hodl2bot?start=CHRIST6P
  5. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    thats how rich people roll its like burning a fine house then building it again in an instant
  6. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    luck is on his side, its good to see that he won it back congrats!
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  10. still running this rakeback! come check it out
  11. UPDATE: im still running this rakeback. come and join us:)
  12. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    username: Solicitor welcome back to me
  13. Bitbase (BTB coins)

    1. Telegram Channel id bitbasecoin link http://t.me/bitbasecoin 2. Booster Investment Plan Active From 5th October 2017 3. BTB offer of the week per coin 0.02 only 5,000,000 Token sales. 4. BTB token referral 10%, Bitbase will give you 10% for each of your ref makes a purchase. 5. Get you free 5 dollars worth of ICO from just signing up here: https://www.bitbase.io/?rb=4854
  14. [Oct 2] 5 dollars free worth of ICO

    also free 10 dollars more if you make it to first 50 posters from their thread here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2224056.0