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  1. Bitbase (BTB coins)

    1. Telegram Channel id bitbasecoin link http://t.me/bitbasecoin 2. Booster Investment Plan Active From 5th October 2017 3. BTB offer of the week per coin 0.02 only 5,000,000 Token sales. 4. BTB token referral 10%, Bitbase will give you 10% for each of your ref makes a purchase. 5. Get you free 5 dollars worth of ICO from just signing up here: https://www.bitbase.io/?rb=4854
  2. [Oct 2] 5 dollars free worth of ICO

    also free 10 dollars more if you make it to first 50 posters from their thread here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2224056.0
  3. get it while it lasts. they are giving 5 dollars free worth of ICO https://sphere.social/?ref_code=5309-3ec7a2ca
  4. never believe on HYIP. they are all scammers. glad i never joined any , not even once. just go for free altcoins and dont invest to be safe
  5. and the way how CLAM rate goes up, definitely a good investment
  6. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Username: Solicitor
  7. Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened

    anyway i already move on lol best of luck to him
  8. Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened

    sw abbas betting big, i guess he moved on already lol, too bad for people who participated and lost their time/efforts/money
  9. Guess when i hit win 100k

    username: Solicitor number: 13500
  10. Yo! from Philippines

    hello there xeon kabayan welcome to pd forum
  11. The Billion Coin - TBC

    indeed waste of time and money
  12. Hola From Canada

    hello Dustin, good luck on your journey here at pd
  13. For Filipinos

    power how about drinking a coffee?