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  1. which site are lucky u ?

    feeling bad hop u try the won big next time
  2. which site are lucky u ?

    i like both site, but i just voted , where u spend time alot on primedice and stake. i alot spend time and primedice i wining and lossing every , stake hard me but i like
  3. Last letter game

  4. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    nice giveaway
  5. Queen King

    Little Queen King story What about u like this story
  6. My breakfast

    different this but u make
  7. My breakfast

  8. My breakfast

    This is Shami who like this . if u need to cooking this check find how to make shami today i eat this ♥
  9. 250k loan

    Edit u r post Athena , u type 0.025 sent , and check u sending 0.0025
  10. Did crypto made you rich ?

    Not yet missing big chance for millionaire
  11. Last letter game

  12. Best Gambling Site 2017

    i feel one guy ur first love
  13. Smoke Vs Hookah

    What about u guys,You like a Smoke and Hookah. What u best chose blow on comments
  14. Morning Tea

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxbOGd5UX40 How to make Indian Tea with Milk
  15. Morning Tea

    GUY POST THE TEA PICTURE PLEASE its u r chose but try one time milk tea my <3