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  1. Bitcoin end of June i guess under
  2. take it easy , hop u recover again goodluck and wish all the best
  3. look at this such a sexy close but bet is slow sad
  4. use the secure browser ,
  5. i using poloniex and localbitcoin best.
  6. R u guy's did u see this month biggest bet . I see last month biggest bet 23btc user : asdfgads
  7. I bet i playing 2x b4 , and , after i changing 98% , but i suddenly click 98x odds and run , accidentally hits 98x 2 ,and i watch i see wtf this happens i hits in row two
  8. congratulation MICRO you deserve great work and support we love micro , now party on cyber beer
  9. congrats , hop u won pd jp also
  10. Thanks alot micro , now finally this problem sloved , watching video and create affiliate campaign easy step thanks micro dear
  11. yes this is true , i watching his lost 1k coin
  12. i hate u , u hates cats , why u hates cats , i hate cat toilet
  13. every one is best
  14. since 3years i make pd video not win i try my best , what ever
  15. u mean dancing boobs i like eyes and Slime body