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  1. 20 billion bets giveaway

    Not bad idea
  2. username : singpays soon upload
  3. Last letter game

  4. why people sell bitcoins?

    Cuz this time price is very nice , ppl have much experience when up btc or down i think
  5. Rape in marriage

    Same question, just mind crazy When Women Force His Husband For Sex, Is It Rape? (Yes Or No)
  6. Hello i new here

    Welcome back pd Gamsa , have a good luck on pd and make a big profit
  7. I love mobile photography

    Nice pic and nice place Kurian connesa nice flower's
  8. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    username: singpays thanks Ed <3
  9. 💙 Cool new feature!

    nice i want this
  10. Restriction of friend requests

    haha cool idea mrvincenzo88 .
  11. Solving the alt problem in chat

    i know frog , but newcomer hard to wagered 10btc , ppl not easy 10btc wagered but u try one time my suggestion if u like, look how many ppl see in 10btc wagered
  12. Solving the alt problem in chat

    Best u tip 10btc wagered peoples , check stat's it newcomer and old its my suggestion