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  1. Monero mining website

    i think its not worth it. unless you wanna make some omlet with your cpu. Get hot baby
  2. Do you like poisonous animals :D ?

    @Carollzinha she love it here in India. I don't want to take a risk and go to Brazil with her
  3. 💙 Cool new feature!

    it look awesome . thanks for this feature
  4. Do you like poisonous animals :D ?

    @Carollzinha No one touch my Rainbowsheep Nor eat !
  5. Nice one Ed. Good luck to everyone
  6. I win 260btc 😂😂😂😂

    Check your wallet again . You might really have some coins
  7. The most value altcoin to hold

    ETH but ya i see Dash doing good .
  8. Here is my Entry , Its simple design Username: Shinjo
  9. pepe

    Evil Pepe
  10. Tea Benefits

    Green Tea is best to cut down some weight . If you never tried it just give it a try
  11. does any one know this song?

    Never heard it before but its nice song ♥
  12. I'm pregnant!!!

    When did this happen Ledust Sweetiiee Good luck
  13. Zodiac Signs ????

    Aries from India
  14. Username : Shinjo Thank you for the giveaway
  15. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Nice giveaway Username: Shinjo