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  1. Last letter game

  2. been playing PD for years, the price was 180$ then, and i'm still playing , and i will ,,, its not about BTC price, its about loving the comunity,, what ever happens, i will stay here forever,,,,
  3. Your Travel for Holiday season

    going back to france sooon finally , butnot on vacation, just to solve a complicated situation,,,,
  4. Pay per post ruins the quality :/

    i hope they remove that pay per post,,,a lot of spam and a nonsense topics,
  5. How long have you been gambling?

    4 years ago, my sad story with gambling has begun,
  6. Rape in marriage

    i am kidding, and you can see the emojis,, forcing someone to a sexual relationship is not a thing that normal person would do,,,i read all the replays and all of them was (its a rape ) so i tried to come up with something different,,, thats all
  7. Rape in marriage

    its not a rape, they are wife and husband how can you call this rape
  8. Primedice 2017 Awards

    the problem is how to confirm that its really him !!! any thing's possible with sing, who knows !!!
  9. i wish there is poker in stake.com

    such a good idea, online poker against other players, this is gonna be great idea,,
  10. Last letter game

  11. Primedice 2017 Awards

    singpays will be so happy with his PD t-shirt, lets ask him to take a selfie with it, cuz i badly wanna see sing
  12. such a good idea as usual Zoltan, but 150 post is hard to reach XD, gl everyone, and thanks zoltan
  13. Make PD Forum Great Again!

    welcome back edward, where have u been, ? out for 40 days ,, so long
  14. Primedice Vs Bittsler

    im really tired of answering this question , nothing can compare with PrimeDice
  15. We passed 2 million registered players

    i wish PrimeDice keeps growing up, 2 million, time runs, really