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  1. Tip me in stake i will pay here

    Locking, since it looks like a transaction was made.
  2. Thank the forum itself

    Having a forum is great for carrying a coherent conversation with other users too! PD's chat goes at a mile a minute, so anything that requires more than a few seconds to think about and type generally gets lost in all the noise. With the forum, we can have much deeper discussions from more than a few people and for more than a few minutes. It certainly addresses a need for that kind of interaction between community members!
  3. I definitely have a lot more confidence in this site than any HYIP or even cloud mining, but you do have to be careful about which casinos your choose to invest in - because you're right, there are scammers everywhere. Just-Dice is nice in that it's being run by someone well-known in the crypto community, so it's not likely to just pack up and run with all the funds out of the blue. In terms of my investment there - yep, it's still there! Here's a comparison between an early and recent balance: 17-07-11 - 468.95165207 CLAM 17-08-13 - 489.28028768 CLAM In other words, that's been a gain of 20.33 CLAM (4.3%) over 33 days. That's about in line with the 4.2% monthly rate I had originally calculated, which is great new! I'll post back periodically every month or two, so the average monthly rate can be calculated. So far I'm still on track to about a 60% annual rate!
  4. Gambling with other altcoins

    If they do allow deposits with other cryptocurrencies, chances are they'll use an exchange service to credit BTC to your account - having betting/withdrawals/balances for multiples currencies on an account would probably be a headache to implement...
  5. So we have 4000$

    That's still an excellent return on investment! You did well holding out that long after buying so early.
  6. Who Misses the Happy Hour?

    I did like happy hours...but even though we haven't gotten one recently, PD has been regularly funding rains (distributed through mods). In fact, rains like those are arguably better for giving back to the community, since it rewards people for being active participants in chat (and not just diligently claiming faucet every 3 minutes).
  7. BTC will go $5000?

    With the recent rate of growth, I find this a plausible outcome! But I'm terrible at reading markets, so I'm just going to hold on and see what the future brings. =P
  8. I really need a loan

    Locking, since the OP appears to have asked this to be closed.
  9. Bitcoin Trading Regret/Mistake

    I'm trying my hand at some cryptocurrency trading now, and I've missed quite a few opportunities myself. It's important not to be too hard on yourself for stuff like that! After all, the only way anyone can take full advantage of that market is by either being prescient, or having enough money to manipulate it to their desired price. Don't linger on your past mistakes - learn what you can from them, then look to the future with the knowledge you gained, so you're less likely to make them again.
  10. Loan information

    Please create your own thread for loan requests, most people won't see it if it's buried in someone else's thread.
  11. Looking for a 0.01 Loan

    Locking thread as loan request is expired.

    Locking this because the fork has long passed, and deposits/withdrawals are fine now.
  13. This is normal behaviour of Google reCaptcha - if you have a good enough track record with them, they'll give you a few "free" verifications each day, which is a nice break from the usual captcha solving.
  14. We have cash to lend

    Locking, since this honestly looks like a thinly-veiled scam attempt.
  15. Presently, I don't think so. Not until the price has settled, since there's still downward pressure from people selling off their new coins. Additionally, there isn't much merchant support for Bitcoin Cash at this point, meaning you won't be able to use it as an actual currency (ie. To pay for things). You could consider buying up some of it once it stops dropping, but for now there isn't much sense in it (unless you plan on doing day trading to take advantage of the fluctuations).