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  1. Past Bets Archive

    They're separate, for sure - but they pull from overlapping pools of resources (probably not at the development level, but more at the management) which could bog down how quickly PD improves depending on where their priorities lie. All speculation though, I've got no involvement in that area, so the situation could be completely different too!
  2. Past Bets Archive

    I know, it's a bit discouraging that highly desired features seem to get ignored, but it could just be that PD has a really long development cycle. It probably also doesn't help that they're splitting their attention between Stake and PD now...
  3. Log file for bets.

    Having a log file of extended betting history is something that's been asked for time and time again. It's certainly a sought-after feature! However, so far the devs haven't announced any progress on implementing it, unfortunately... I'm going to be locking this topic - for further discussion, consider posting to one of the existing topics, so we can keep all the ideas/refinements in one place. Here's a good one:
  4. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    If BTC drops that low...I'm sure some people will buy it in bulk expecting it to rise again, but a lot of the everyday/casual users will have lost confidence in it as a store of value (which they're pushing as its primary use now). By the time it reaches such a low point, one of the other leading cryptocurrencies will have probably absorbed that disillusioned population of users and will end up dominating the cryptocurrency space. Although, if it collapses due to factors that affect all cryptocurrencies, it could still be the leader, just in a much smaller space...
  5. Healthy Chocolate

    A rule of thumb here is to keep away from milk chocolate (basically every mass-produced chocolate bar uses this stuff), and stick to the less sweetened dark or extra-dark chocolate. And white chocolate...is not really chocolate. But it's still a guilty pleasure of mine. =P Regardless of your preference, moderation is still important here. It's so easy to gorge yourself on chocolate (and plenty of other things) under the mentality that it has health benefits, so read the labels and keep track of what you're eating! Mindlessly snacking can have some unfortunate consequences...
  6. Wow, that's quite the payoff from referrals! I haven't had any in ages, but I'm not really pushing my link anywhere.
  7. Update time! Let's see what my rate of growth is now: 17-07-11 - 468.95165207 CLAM 17-11-19 - 548.36434459 CLAM That's 79.41 (16.9%) CLAM over 129 days. Average monthly rate is now 3.70% - again, marginally lower than before, but still a really solid rate of return! Currently on track to hit a 55.7% growth. But...now for the bad news. Because CLAM fluctuates a lot relatively to BTC, it's now entered a low period. I'm going to wait it out and see if it rallies - in the meantime, I'll keep updating this thread with my investment progress. I feel that at the consistent rate of return I'm getting, it's worth getting in at this low CLAM price. Up to you, though!
  8. Invest with bitcoin

    Basically any site I can currently think of that offers investments is either unprofitable (cloud mining) or a scam (HYIP/Ponzi). There's not really any way to make money without risk - so if you're tempted by any opportunities that seem too good to be true...well, take a second, harder look at them. Chances are, that's exactly what they are. Your relatively safest bet is to invest in the bankroll of an online casino, but make sure it's a reputable establishment in the crypto community - some of those are scams too!
  9. Where do you spend your bitcoin?

    Since there aren't a lot of stores that directly accept Bitcoin right now, I spend bits of it on gift cards to use at stores I frequent. Though I'm careful never to spend too much of my stockpile - after all, I'm in this for the long haul, so I want to make sure I'm always holding some!
  10. I think that 1 BTC/week figure given by Edward(?) was prior to the significant faucet reduction, tighter claim limit, and the recent automated banning based on patterns of abuse. I do hope that these measures are sufficient to keep abusers in check, but I suppose time will tell...
  11. I earn from Bitconnect

    Pretty sure there's a consensus among the Bitcoin community that Bitconnect Coin is a clear Ponzi scheme. It's part of the reason why Bitcoin Cash has abandoned their original efforts to take the ticker BCC for themselves, because they ended up being confused with it. Don't go in with more than you can afford to lose!
  12. Just make sure you keep track of all the private keys of addresses that contained BTC at the time of the fork - it's fine if you leave that BCH, just don't accidentally lose it forever! For my own peace of mind, I moved my BCH into a wallet of its own that I probably won't be touching for a while.
  13. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Well done! Glad you were able to get the solution in the end. Good luck on your continued learning of JavaScript!
  14. Help me with JavaScript!!

    I think you'd have a much easier time arranging your logic - that's the way I solved the problem!
  15. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Hahaha, I'm not the only one who knows JavaScript here, you know. =P So, I'll start you off with some leading questions. Look through your code and see if you can find the problem I'm pointing at with them: Right now, you have a for loop nested inside a do-while loop. Your while condition is what checks whether you've reached the required term - when is it checked right now? How could you rearrange your code so it could be checked at a different time (possibly earlier)? Do you really need two loops?