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  1. My profit has survived strictly because I stopped after I was ahead, and never really deposited much afterwards. =P
  2. 📢 Services being Restored

    Glad this issue could be sorted out within a couple days! It's saddening to see people like this trying to profit from the misery they inflict on other, but it was nice to see the community so supportive of the site through this ordeal. Hope full service will be restored soon!
  3. 100k Loan.

    Great, locking this thread.
  4. 400k loan

    Great to see this went smoothly, locking topic.
  5. 200k loan

    Nice to see, I'll be locking this then!
  6. 150k loan

    Nice to see another loan successfully repaid, locking now.
  7. Great Clam Faucet!!!

    Worth noting this is 70k sats of CLAM per hour, not 70k sats BTC worth of CLAM. Each CLAM is worth about 65k sats BTC right now, so 70k CLAM would be: 0.0007 * 0.00065 = 0.00000046 BTC (aka. 46 sats) per hour So Primedice's 10 satoshi faucet actually comes out ahead - but hey, it's always nice to have more ways to get free coins. Just make sure you consider the time investment required to fill out a Captcha every minute before throwing yourself into this.
  8. Got some bad news for you...in many countries, losses/gains due to exchanging between currencies are actually taxable events - i.e. You actually need to report them when doing your taxes. In your example scenario, you might not just be on the hook for that $2 you gained...you might also have to report any gains if you purchased things with your pounds while those pounds were worth more than you originally bought them for. (Though there's usually some leeway, so a few dollars isn't a big deal. This is more relevant in cases where you have large sums of money in foreign accounts, and try to convert them back to your native currency.) Some countries have already taken this approach with cryptocurrency exchanges too. Depending on the country, even switching between cryptocurrencies (without going to fiat in between) is considered a taxable event. Be sure to read up on your country's tax code before acting on any such assumptions, or you may end up in hot water should you ever get audited by your country's tax/revenue service.
  9. Is Bitcoin Dying?

    I'm of the opinion that the original spike in price wasn't sustainable, and was for a large part being driven by people who weren't interested in using Bitcoin as anything other than a speculative investment. The fact that the price continued rising despite a cripplingly huge mempool was a bit of a warning sign, since it suggested that most of the new money flowing into Bitcoin was only coming in because the price was rising - and not for the utility of Bitcoin. It's unfortunate that a lot of those investors were burned by the drop...but I don't think it could have gone any other way. At least those that will remain in the end will probably be the ones who actually intend to use Bitcoin for its original purpose - as a currency. And that gives me a bit more peace of mind than the high, but wildly fluctuating price of the past months. After all, if the price of BTC isn't at least somewhat related to its utility (especially merchant adoption, which took a major hit during the media hype), then its long-term prospects are grim, since then it really does start looking like a pyramid scheme.
  10. UNetwork Airdrop (100 tokens free)

    Hi, in the future, please ensure you're posting airdrops and the likes to the ICO Discussion section. Thanks!
  11. Seeking loan 100k in 3 days

    Hey, please don't post loan requests outside of the Lending section. If you haven't gotten the activity required to post there, then you'll need to do so first before you can ask for loans here. Thanks!
  12. Passive earning by holding coins on a site

    The site may have been in existence for several years, but it hasn't always paid interest on balance left on the site. In fact, they only started that around March 2017 - prior to that, they were basically just a faucet/high-house-edge dicing site. I personally wouldn't entrust my savings to their care, though it's up to you. Generally, I'm wary of any sites that suddenly start offering significant interest rates (4% annually is more than any high-interest savings account) without actually using your deposit to generate money (e.g. Investing/lending the deposit to others like a bank).
  13. 300k loan to GokuHF

    Thanks for confirming the return! Locking.
  14. 100k loan to GokuHF

    Locking the thread, thanks for returning the loan.
  15. Where to buy Amazon Gift Cards?

    I've had no problem buying gift cards from https://www.egifter.com Though it's worth noting that I haven't bought their Amazon cards specifically, just gift cards for other vendors.