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  1. Winning the jackpot is a 1/10,000,000 chance...with a minimum bet of 0.0001 BTC (the minimum bet for the jackpot), it's a negative EV, so I wouldn't recommend actively hunting for it. Certainly keep an eye out for it happening, but...
  2. Moving this to the lending section. I suggest adding more details to the terms of the loan you're looking for too, such as interest rate and collateral.
  3. I recall seeing Edward tip a couple people either 100 BTC or 1000 BTC way back in the day...of course, he had the admin tools to revert the recipients' balances right after!
  4. Locking since the loan request is no longer active.
  5. Many of your suggestions have already been proposed previously: However, there are enough original ideas in your original post so I won't be locking this topic. Nonetheless, please search more carefully through previous suggestions in the future.
  6. Eeer...wouldn't this design just make it easier for abusers to farm faucet? Instead of them being required to make 50 small claims a day, they'd be able to do a single large daily claim per account - and a payout that large will make hiring a Captcha completion service actually profitable, allowing faucet farmers to scale up their operation until PD decides to disable the faucet...
  7. Good find! Hopefully we can spread the word about this phishing attempt so nobody gets taken by it.
  8. Congratulations, Micro! Hope PD continues to enjoy success under your leadership.
  9. Uh...I'm going to lock this since it doesn't read like an actual loan request.
  10. Interesting analogy - though I'm not sure the proposed solutions (that have a heavy reliance on human altruism) are much better. It really ends up just being a decision of either taxing (forcing) people to contribute money to support needs that aren't relevant to them, or leaving the marginalized/less fortunate populations to fend for themselves. If taxation was wiped out tomorrow, I don't think we'd see charitable contributions shoot through the roof accordingly - people have a tendency to ignore problems that don't directly affect them. Things like voluntaryism might work on a smaller scale (say, communities of a few hundred) where everyone interacts closely enough to care for each other in times of need. But once you start throwing in degrees of separation and scaling up the size of the population, you end up with a growing problem of indifference which throws a wrench in the whole philosophy.
  11. I'm sure there'll be a reasonable amount of screening of people who try to abuse this, like using tons of alts to rep up their posts. After all, your profile shows exactly which posts your reputation has come from, so if anyone tries to get rep from otherwise low-quality posts it should be fairly obvious.
  12. Well, the idea of this thread is to aggregate good online storefronts on which BTC can be spent - if you've got your own suggestions in mind, feel free to share! And you're right, international options would be preferable, but because of spotty adoption you're really just stuck with what you can get.
  13. From what I can see, Genesis Mining is a legitimate operation - but in terms of getting ROI before your contract stops paying out, I haven't had much luck with that. Possibly just bad luck, but the only contract I purchased with them hardly made back even half of its cost before they terminated it.
  14. resolved

    Interesting, I haven't encountered this issue before when I similarly had to tidy up a couple typos immediately after posting. Can you reliably reproduce this problem? (If so, I agree that it is an odd behaviour - editing a post certainly shouldn't be treated as creating a new one!)
  15. I really liked using Autodesk Maya, but it's expensive to get a license for it if you ever want to use it professionally/commercially. I dabbled a bit in Blender, but it's tough to change your mindset and relearn common shortcuts after working with in a different environment for so long.