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  1. BTC will go $5000?

    I'm going to lock this thread, since BTC has gotten to $5000 now (woohoo)! Feel free to make another thread speculating about the next momentous milestone for BTC.
  2. Email verification.

    Issue should be fixed now (in that you can enter a new email address if you're getting the unverified error). Thread will be locked unless there are any further issues.
  3. Why BTC continue to drop lately?

    Locking, because this isn't really relevant anymore. Feel free to open another thread to discuss recent price movements if there hasn't been one.
  4. Provably fair and Primedice RNG

    Yes, that's a big part of being provably fair - the roll numbers are predetermined based on the combination of the client seed, server seed, and incremented nonce. This is what prevents a betting establishment from dynamically generating the roll numbers you get based on the bets you make, because the numbers are already set in stone once the seeds are chosen.
  5. paypal for btc

    Locking this, since it seems the need has been dealt with.
  6. Another update, let's see how well my balance has maintained its growth! 17-07-11 - 468.95165207 CLAM 17-09-24 - 514.24542354 CLAM That's a gain of 45.29 CLAM (9.66%) over 75 days. Works out to a 3.76% monthly rate, which is a bit lower than last time I calculated it (though the sample size is still a bit small to determine an accurate average rate). Still, it matches a 56.6% annual rate, which is respectable. Let's see how the long-term trend ends up being for returns, I hope it isn't always downwards!
  7. Oof, that's quite a burden. I'd recommend telling your parents soon - they're most likely to be supportive about this, and furthermore they've got a leg up on you in experience with raising kids. Don't leave their wisdom unused! Most parents are delighted to take a role in helping raise their grandchildren, which is something you'll need as you adjust to this change in your life.
  8. How to get rid blackheads?

    I've heard people have had luck using antibacterial creams on infected pores, though results will vary - after all, it's not just environmental/lifestyle factors, genetics plays a role in your susceptibility to acne as well, so you may need a different solution. Good luck in your efforts, in any case!
  9. Multi Currency

    Have altcoin support is something that has been floated time and time again. It's a popular topic, as such it's not surprising that someone has already suggested this before. Please conduct any further discussion in the existing topic, as I'll be locking this one:
  10. PD BANK

    Clearly a suggestion that some people can get behind - great! A topic already exists in this board for this suggestion though, so I'll be locking this topic. Please continue any further discussion in the existing topic:
  11. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    As with any investment, please make sure you do your due diligence and never entrust a third party with more money than you can afford to lose. Don't allow returns of initial investments to cause you to believe that the future will be just as rosy, and that a trading operation is trustworthy. Ensure you're provided with credible records of trading history, and verify to the best of your ability that these trades are actually happening. Do some number crunching and check against the market performance verify that they actually make sense. Since crypto is really unregulated, there's no recourse if things do turn out to be less than legitimate. So you need to serve the function of a regulatory body yourself, and should always be looking for signs that you shouldn't stick around. To anyone who is investing, good luck - I hope you gain great profits from your risk-taking! But please do so with your eyes wide open.
  12. Shoutout to the Spammer

    Unfortunately, spammers are simply so numerous that moderators have been fighting a losing battle trying to penalize them before they could cash out their forum earnings. The system as it was simply wouldn't work without a huge moderation effort, which simply can't be done with the existing team.
  13. Password cannot be empty

    I think this would be a great idea - it could alleviate the burden on Support. At least default to requiring a password, with an option (eg. Checkbox) which allows new registrants to bypass it. This will retain the existing option to make a throwaway account, do some betting, and withdraw, but will prevent a user from registering without being aware that they will be locked out of their account if they end their session without setting a password.
  14. Haaaaaalp!! LMAO

    Locking, since it seems the transaction was completed successfully.
  15. Solving the alt problem in chat

    That is a tool available to mods, but unfortunately isn't terribly useful when someone uses a VPN to hide their IP regularly.