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  1. my speaker no working
  2. No $5 Amazon Gift Card US Bank Cheque (via mail) Crypto Currency Paypal Paysafecard.com Payza
  3. thanks for your comment.
  4. Guys, I got you another site for you. You can get money by this. There are too many work to do by naming this guyS. You do not have to do any EXZAM here. You can start registering And doing jobs. I do not want any site without any proof, because I do not like putting someone in trouble. This is my proof guys. Link https://picoworkers.com/?a=681415e7 The best thing is to buy money from crypto currency (BTC, ETH, LTC) PAYPAL PAYZA...etc Let's get an important BUMP
  5. my 2nd withdrew proof
  6. Guys, I got another site .. But you need a PayPal account It's very easy ** you need a PayPal account ** It also requires a FireFox browser. It's okay to do this on the site just like in microwokers, give us a keyword to search on GOOGLE. That's what Buyers is doing here. Give them some kind of keyword, and tell them to go to their website. And then we sellers / clickers. We need to check the elevator they have left, and find the web site they have said, and go there and wait a while. They pay for it. This is what is given to countries All right, let me tell you early. 1. Go to this link ref link-- https://serpclix.com/users/referrals/edA2zKenByOkHxIZDkrdDXj0XK2BOKjYxKzDGFp1/ Okay, then click to join here Then it will come BUYER SELLER - You have to click this one 2. Right now we have to Download the add-on and install it Go ADD-ON DOWNLOAD on the site, download it. 3. After downloading it, you will go into the second like this. Choose Firefox 4.Now open add-on log in 5. Now, show it like this. It's not always Show. Please refresh. ** To do this, click on one of the jobs and then take you to the Google search box ** Keyword is a place where you can find it in the google search box Do not worry about the link below the keyword. It's there on the first page. ** When the next one enters it, the add-on takes 15 seconds, and the tab closes. When you go home, you can look the balance. This will send money to the PayPal on the last day of the month if our balance is over $ 2. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's not a big web site. Do not be afraid to think so. You're sending money. I also learned from a forum about this site that I took the money and I'll get the proof after I get the money.. ref link-- https://serpclix.com/users/referrals/edA2zKenByOkHxIZDkrdDXj0XK2BOKjYxKzDGFp1/
  7. Obviously, what I see on this site. Revenue sharing 10 day 1.5% 30 day 10% 45 day 15% 90 day 25%
  8. ‌I'm going to give a statement today on how to create advertisement on this site. Let's get started We do not even need to deposit this for doing this. 1. First you go to the view ad on this site. 2. You have to view ad and earn some money. You see that this site is paying more than the other sites to the user. 3. Your money add account balance. So we have to add this balance to the Purchase balance The steps I've dropped from you are easy to get you done 4. Let's see how to put an ad Now you have to take a PTC adpack. Let's see how to get started. 5. Now go to the PTC ADVERTISMENT PANEL. 6. Ok, now you can choose from here and choose the PTC ADPACK. 7. Ok you got it now, let's see a how to put a ad on you. 8. You go look like this and you can get a commercial for yourself. Now we do not have to spend big money. make a referral ེ or Traffic
  9. thank you bro i will continue this post
  10. guys I got the money I think the site will continue.
  11. You're right on the right but I'm trying to see.. why we can not scam to see a site. we will see. bro thanks