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  1. What Bitcoin forums do you use?

    bitcointalk, almost everyday
  2. I left primedice when i feels really unlucky everytime i gamble on primedice, that's why i stop gambling on primedice like 1-2months and after that i come back to primedice and play regular like always.
  3. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    damn this man must be has a big balls lmao. but congrats though, if i were him, i might be cry when i lose 2 btc.
  4. As you know the price of bitcoin can easily decrease and increase nowdays. Especially after the hardfork cancelled, the bitcoin price start going down in the last 3 days. Me who have some bitcoins a bit afraid of the fall and always check it everyday. how about you guys ?
  5. 🏆 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    username: godly3232
  6. How I made 1 btc on Primedice

    from faucet to 1btc ? you are insane man, could you share the trick please ?
  7. 📢 Pay Per Post is Back!

    what a good news, thank you for the update!
  8. Fuck it, you tell me what to invest in

    invest on Ethereum, when the bitcoin price going down eth will go up
  9. 20 billion bets giveaway

    big NO, i want every people can take part of this giveaway. not only the wager one
  10. 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    username: godly3232
  11. 📢 Make PD Forum Great Again!

    forum chat box seems the best one edd.
  12. username : godly3232 Date : 14.07.2017 19:23:50
  13. 2 Million Users Giveaway!

    How many hours left until the giveaway closed ?
  14. Whats your luck on PD?

    my luck is around 100%+ but i think it's not important lol, because i always unlucky
  15. Mayweather vs McGreggor

    we should see the reality tho. I'm also fan of mcgregor but this fight is on boxing rules and mayweather can win this easily