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  1. 20 billion bets giveaway

    big NO, i want every people can take part of this giveaway. not only the wager one
  2. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    username: godly3232
  3. Make PD Forum Great Again!

    forum chat box seems the best one edd.
  4. username : godly3232 Date : 14.07.2017 19:23:50
  5. 2 Million Users Giveaway!

    How many hours left until the giveaway closed ?
  6. Whats your luck on PD?

    my luck is around 100%+ but i think it's not important lol, because i always unlucky
  7. Mayweather vs McGreggor

    we should see the reality tho. I'm also fan of mcgregor but this fight is on boxing rules and mayweather can win this easily
  8. Halo agan2 sekalian, ada yang udah pernah berhasil WD dari hasil ngepost dimari ? kira2 prosesnya ribet gak ?
  9. Faucet Redesign Ideas

    make it like a quiz maybe quiz about bitcoin things or about primedice things. if the player guess the quiz right, he will go to the next quiz with more higher price and more harder quiz
  10. 2 Million registered players

    3 million next ! good job all, lets spread primedice more.
  11. Pending Loans Updated

    Like i said before on other loan thread. Look at their posts, if their post is under 15-20 posts u must be careful, it's sad that another person get scammed. edit: just make a scam thread sir, that man gwapo dont even pay u and talk like he's right. @Edward pls ban.
  12. Biggest High Roller

    In the end, is he on profit or loss ? That's sick though. I have seen a person that bet minimum 1btc and max 30btc on a dice site that i forgot the name. He's using martingale strategy, damn he must be sweaty
  13. What do you like best about bitcoin?

    Easy to use, huge price for a coin, fast transaction and we can earn bitcoin without spend our money.
  14. BTC, mBTC, Bits or Satoshi’s?

    Actually i rather choose 8 decimal on my balance, because mbtc and satoshi still confuse me a bit.
  15. PD Chat Rain by MODS

    Glad the chat rain is back, is the amout is still same ?