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  1. Wow i'm quite surprised so many people complaining about bitsler. I have to say i made quite good profit in there in just 4 autobet runs. I enjoy their speed of autobetting.
  2. I am economist. I'm investing my own money on the stocks for the last 3 years. Since december of last year also in cryptocurrency market
  3. That's how it ends up when you put too much trust in people. Happened to me plenty of times already. I noticed after a while some people would scam even for 5$ worth bitcoins. It's quite hilarious
  4. you serious with this?
  5. What kind of statement is that? This is what's wrong with the society. Longer such questions appear longer conservative and simple women will think there is no such thing as rape in marriage. I would really expect this question to appear if it was 1850 but it's 21st century so that is just ridiculous.
  6. Your numbers do not match lol 0.0001 per hour is a max of 0.0024 per day if you played 24 hours so how in world it turned into a 0.01?
  7. if this is serious question then I doubt anyone ever will.
  8. Seems like I am the only one in here who can't say a bad word about Bitsler lol
  9. pocket dice is not a scam it seems to be bullcrap accusation. Cant find a single proof of them being scammers. I am profiting in there and withdrawing frequently. Support is reacting really fast to questions that you have. I'm going to forward this topic to their support so they know about these accusations. And about Edward - you are saying to you gonna punish those who come in here accusing some websites of being a scam without any proof but you did exactly the same. 999dice is suspicious and you could at least provide a link to bitcointalk where it all started. PocketDice? Bring me a single one and not from sore losers saying its a scam because they lost.
  10. Just to be more accurate it's not 50 but 100. 1% from 10k is 100. Or I didn't understand what you just said. Explanation is a bit unclear to me. Cheers
  11. So basically when somebody suggests something in the forum that hasn't been suggested yet you always may say it's not an original idea right? May I ask which website uses this tournament system so it's not that unique? I see now where this "get rewarded for suggestions" is going. Not to mention it has been implemented not before but after I was suggesting it, right? And just to be clear: It's your statement or I just did missquote you?
  12. I am sorry but do you even know what's the difference between fiat and cryptocureency? I highly doubt that mr. Not a single bank would be willing to take control over something what is worthless. Not to mention that Bitcoin is decentrilized cryptocurrency and I think you do not understand what it means. About Bitcoin - sure it's gonna be doomed, sooner or later. Nobody knows the date yet. As soon as people will realize value of it is based on fiat currencies which basically means that Bitcoin as a "currency" has absolutely no value at all. The real value of Bitcoin equals 0. It's just people pumping it up in a careless way not understanding that it's worthless. It surely is a good way to earn some money since it's really volatile. Not gonna last forever tho.
  13. Well you could also accuse Prime Dice for copying the idea of having a forum I guess. It wasn't first one coming up with that idea. I consider bitsler as a good gambling website and way different than PD
  14. You talkin about script usage or desing? I see nothing weird in it, most of the forums look pretty much the same.
  15. Could you give me a link to any discussion about this site being a scam? I have withdrawn from there over 0.7BTC already so I would love to know why it's considered as scam. Last withdrawal was from a week ago of 0.2BTC. I have deposited there once 0.01 so pretty good profit for a scam site.