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  1. 🏆 [0.08 BTC] 3 in a Row Challenge!!

    It is necessary 2х Multiplication is not less than Requirement Roll same number three times in a row (whole number, ignore decimal points!!!) Min 100 sat bet Red or green does not matter You can enter up to 5 winning entries!
  2. I will watch this. If I will not fall asleep)
  3. 🏆 [0.08 BTC] 3 in a Row Challenge!!

    This should send a screenshot? And if I play with the phone?
  4. The letter game

  5. The letter game

  6. The letter game

  7. The letter game

  8. The letter game

    Respect ))
  9. Рефералы

    Да у меня тоже штук 12 рефералов! Заработал с них 100-150 сатох)) и то походу кто немного сыграл и покинул Прайм на совсем) Если я делаю реферальные ссылки, страюсь не приводить людей в такие проекты как хайп, где проект быстро закрывается или тупо не платит!
  10. Let Me Introduce myself

    Welcome ! @HERA! glad to see you
  11. Great Site to gamble Alt-Coins

    I already registered there already a month ago))
  12. HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist

    I have 10 000 messages in the chat) my nickname respektvlad also want to participate!
  13. Crypto Mining for 2018 *POLL* Pick The Winner *

    Ethereum 100 %) Will be more expensive this year!
  14. Invitation Accepted!

    Now let's raise millions)))
  15. I'll take the loan: 0.01 Return: 0.012

    In the game you can see that I registered in 2016 I registered for a long time, I play and deposits made recently