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  1. Good food or Good sex

    First good sex and after sex a good food.
  2. Best Gambling Site 2017

    Voted for PD
  3. What do you regret?

    About what I did not know about Bitcoin before and did not invest in it.
  4. payout 9900

    This is a rare luck. And you need to be patient and lucky.
  5. What would you do when you retire?

    I would just rest and live for my own pleasure.
  6. Won 100k with 9900x (busted after)

    Sooner or later a red strip will come.
  7. I also do not mind getting rich
  8. 5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    Maybe you're right
  9. Maybe you are right, but everything is possible.
  10. Won 100k with 9900x (busted after)

    We use a losing strategy
  11. 5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    You misunderstood this is a joke For me it is not possible.
  12. Won 100k with 9900x (busted after)

    Do not worry. It was with each of us.
  13. I do not know what will happen tomorrow