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  1. 20 billion bets giveaway

    Where can we join this event ? or this is only your suggestion ?
  2. 20 billion bets giveaway

    My idea is make some giveaway to the first player hit the 20 mil, 2000000001,2000000002,2000000003,2000000004,2000000005 bets. With a minimum wagered of 100 sat.
  3. Last letter game

    Not Not
  4. My first game in Stake :)

    Yeah but it is okay now yeah super cool site bro Yeah I posted it Maybe there is someone try to use my 2FA
  5. My first game in Stake :)

    haha thanks bro Yeah my no.1 gambling site is PD I busted too After I reach 125k hahaha but its fun lol I hope it wel fixed soon
  6. I was wondering if how can I get it ? I never see my credit now anyone can tell me ? what happens ? Please answer me suppport !
  7. Your Religion and Your God

    I am catholic
  8. :'( I lost 0.15 huhuhhu

    Sorry for you bro soon you will recover
  9. BTC will rise to $2000 by the end of May

    Damn btc is so high I love it
  10. 0.008 to 0.015 and zero

    same here bro
  11. Faucet to 50k

    I always reach to 50k but busted Is this really happen ?