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  1. 🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Redash12 thanks edward merry christmas
  2. 📢 Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: trigon00 Funniest Primdice: togiy Favorite Primedice forum poster: PARANORMAL Favorite Primedice chat user: Ledust Most intelligent Primedicer: Robear Most influential Primedicer: Chatbot Best Primedice moderator: Robear/Ledust/The frog/Krisstoff Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana/katarina Favorite Primedice support member:Bojana/katarina Favorite Primedice admin: Edward
  3. Earn a quick 50k satoshi's!

    Done Edward My username in cryptocompare is Red.ash123 Username: Redash12
  4. What do you regret?

    use time machine dbo
  5. What do you regret?

    I feel you dbo
  6. What do you regret?

    I regret when I all in , in low payout and lose haha
  7. From Faucet to withdraw

    yeah because the system well catch it if to long play
  8. Questions for PD Staff

    I really love PD staff
  9. Major B U S T O

    maybe he is just a kid . That was a big money 10btc hahah and he is also a selfish better to him
  10. From Faucet to withdraw

    wow nice strategy nyte
  11. seed

    I think its working trig
  12. My new strategy 10x

    this is really working ?
  13. Major B U S T O

    agree on that kargai haha
  14. How I made 1 btc on Primedice

    wow nice geert