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  1. ultra, why are some users were denied?🙈:) just wondering hehe
  2. Hey my name is Joe

    hahaha you got me when you said psychotic cheating baby mama lol.. Welcome to the forum and have fun!:)
  3. My art.

    Pretty miss pd:) Love the pics! Keep taking them cause you are gorgeous:))
  4. Hi ultra:) i would love to by etherium and will pay you in bitcoin. Only 0.01 eth for gas money because i will transfer some:) thanks **paid thank you":) will pm eth address
  5. my account give me

    I believe this is not the correct section for your topic . @Katarina @Mirela
  6. From Faucet

    It is actually hard to earn from faucet only. Really hard.Better deposit at least even a small amount so that you can profit .
  7. How to remedy a black eye

    Check this out:) She is good at concealing her bruises haha
  8. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    haha did not yet reach it. But hoping to have it before christmas:)
  9. How to remedy a black eye

    Easy!:) Watch youtube make-up videos on how to cover up your black eye:) Concealer will do the magic! haha
  10. My very Unlucky Day

    Oh:( you will sure recover one day:) You will have more soon and hope it will not happen again:)
  11. Do you spend money when dealing with a man?

    hahaha yes i am
  12. catch your partner

    I haven't from my past relationships, so far they are faithful to me. And if ever I will catch him, It means that I am not satisfying his sexual needs that much.
  13. Do you spend money when dealing with a man?

    I believe that when it comes to a relationship, it is best that expenses from dates and stuffs should be paid or spent by both parties. It does not necessarily means that if he is the guy, he is obliged to pay all like in dinner dates or movie dates etc. When I am in a relationship, I always make sure that we always split bills in half and gift my man too You have to spend for him too.:)
  14. Auroramine

    Is still okay? Are they still functioning?
  15. [Seeking] 500k

    Argh too fast! haha anyway goodluck kris:) Make it to 0.02! haha