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  1. @Zoltan And @hui As always thank you for the giveaway, but the status spreadsheet is still from the last giveaway:)
  2. Did you ever deposit on primedice?

    Of course a lot of times because you can not win big if you will only play with faucet, or giveaways unless you are that super lucky then you might win big.
  3. Stake Giveaway!

    None. Just be patient:) it will come eventually haha
  4. hello~! friends

    Tell us more about yourself. Haha your name perhaps? Or the place you live? How many cats you have? More info:)
  5. Ilang bitcoin na ba ang nakuha/kinita mo sa PD forum?

    Tapos badtrip pinatalo ko din lahat lahat hhaa malas na max bet to lol
  6. Username: ravenyvolle
  7. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    Did you watch it too? Omg we are so in sync.
  8. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    Hahaha il watch it again. My binge show haha with gossip girl:)
  9. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    Hahaha yeah @Bojana Watching dexter makes us weirdo but a cute weirdo lol.. Love that show
  10. I havent heard of this movie but it seems to be a cool one since some of my favorite comedians are here like rowan at whoopi:) I will check its trailer once I have a spare time.
  11. Burger with a surprise

    Hahaha you silly blaming me on this. im innocent
  12. KittWolfe's Application

    @Edward take a look on this application again:) Thank you so much <3
  13. Forum is so colorful now!

    Haha a pink color will be so dope!:) I would love to have that haha
  14. Any Chance of getting bitcoin price low

    If it happens that bitcoin will dump as in real low like 2000 usd or even 3000 usd, I will invest all my money and buy a lot of bitcoins. Haha I really hope it does.
  15. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    So hot bojana <3 you are really a total weirdo Xoxo