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  1. Losing weight is a habit

    For me, when im stressed, i dont eat that much haha. Thats how i lose so fast
  2. loan requested .006

    She uses a lot of alternative accounts i guess.
  3. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    So what is the update on this?:D
  4. 196 countries

    Okay, I will definitely message you one day:) Woot! Tell me and xtine if you are visiting philippines one day:) You will love our place:)
  5. 196 countries

    Wait what haha bad idea you silly
  6. 196 countries

    Yeah because of their belgium chocolates I wish to eat it all in one sitting hahaha
  7. 196 countries

    You are from belgium? woah okay i will be noting that
  8. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    Good thing i did not invest:) That was a good decision haha Still no update from him
  9. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    aww. i feel bad for those who really invested. I hope you will all hear from him soon. I dont want to say he is a scammer..
  10. 196 countries

    Sure no prblem:) I will tour you here one day 💋
  11. 196 countries

    Oh no not from gambling:D Yeah It is a good bucket list haha
  12. Haha yeah you are correct. Well i learned the hard way:(
  13. 196 countries

    Travel asia:) It is not that expensive but not singapore(country is so expensive) haha.. Go visit Thailand, malaysia, bhutan etc and philippines too.
  14. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    So supposedly you are gonna pay the first investors by oct.1..Any updates on this?
  15. Yeah invested 0.035 here.:/ Damn scammers lol