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  1. 🎲 Roll with Altcoins

    I would love to see altcoins in pd, it will be very very fun:) I am okay with Ltc, eth and doge:) Come on! let this happen:)
  2. Fair-dice.com - new multi-cryptos dice game

    The screenshot looks like pocketdice.:P I will definitely check this out later on!:)
  3. Is it worth it to play 99.000x payout?

    woah 1200 is too many. unlucky seed thenπŸ˜‘ So far the most reds i had was like 600 which i prerolled 300 bets hehe
  4. haha no, never, they are just ass kissers that if you are done or they will see someone who won much bigger, they will prey on the next victim. Just share your bets and let them drool and ignore them and best to just screen shot it and send to supports or mods:)
  5. Is it worth it to play 99.000x payout?

    You can have more than 600 reds in 99x and if you dont preroll a lot, you will lose. Its all about a good seed.
  6. 4.3x Payout 44% Increase on Loss

    a bit risky but if you are really lucky you will win a lot:) Will try this with lower balance.
  7. Primedice coin

    This is a good idea and i believe some sites are doing this as well but it will be a great touch and might entice more players to gamble again in Primedice. I really hope they will apply this in the update:)
  8. Bet on Loss Streak

    So it is like prerolling?
  9. well, if that will happen ed will cry like a baby and we dont like to see a crying face
  10. I would love to just recover my Pd losses, over 3 btc but half of it is fine. And I promise myself to play slowly anymore and no more betting all in, which led me to many losses.
  11. Which way do you prefer to win?

    I always say to play slowly but surely then later I will play greedy hahaah but the best one is to play safe;P
  12. We will soon leave pd but as of now, i am still here and have no plans if going anywhere. The community is great so why leave?:P
  13. Primedice coin

    It is as there are a lot of players in the site but I think it will take a lot of time and effort to make these icos But yeah it will be very fun:)
  14. Did you ever deposit on primedice?

    Yes because if you dont you will not win a huge amount But i admire those players just claiming faucets and can actually make it into a real money:)
  15. Go go dm:) 22.more days to go time is so fast:) πŸ€—