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  1. keep playing sis and i know green will come.
  2. they're is a lot of telegram mining is lurking now i wonder if they are trusted or not.
  3. @jm16ramos you mean NBA?
  4. better work for this if you are betting seriously and has a balance of above 0.1 btc and i think this so reasonable enough to earn big money.
  5. Most of the player busted they're money by just betting in one setting, so i'm thinking if you can use 2 to 3 settings may it be manual or autobet as long as you use it alternatively then i am thinking it will help you make a profit. And if you have any better idea to earn profit then you may share it here below.
  6. @neya if you ever profit something have fun haha.
  7. you need to invest a lot to make a profit of it.
  8. Pitbull rapper is one of them of invested in bitcoin who else you know?
  9. oh its a love letter to everyone nice one haha.
  10. i can give up 1 bit all day if i were a newbie <3
  11. as long as they make a good reason to exist then its fine.
  12. this could be good for improvement
  13. i thing we'll get 15 k reds on this setting but it worth a try anyway nice one.
  14. tender looking good ed one click and boom night vision
  15. i can see one lady whose been hunting the jackpot and she did pretty well. You might think its very costly to hunt it but carollzinha did it pretty amazing by betting 98% payout to create more bet and loss in a minimum possible chance. Think of it you have a million of satoshi balance and you can probably make a hundred of bets from that balance so why not try? Good luck hunting guys love ya.