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  1. 3 days for 8000 satoshi? yes... that's very bad for 100gigahash... i mined that in a day using my craptop no gpu and only average of 20hash per sec...... you're getting taken for a ride dude..... hell coinpots free web based mining service pays out more than that.
  2. Any buy-in from higher level members? Awesome Dr.Who gif btw - loved David Tennants' seasons!!!!! also your ref post makes it look like a ponzi\pyramid... Auroramine.com Fake mining at it's most transparent. This is just a piss poor ponzi fraudster. 9/26/17 --- Source http://www.badbitcoin.org/thebadlist/ Let us know when you have withdrawn and please show verifiable proof and blockchains etc.
  3. so basically if it's still on that list after the "new company period", or because it's not posting transparency it's most likely a ponzi etc
  4. very cool. wonder if any of those have clickable txids?
  5. you say people have been paid? are they posting payment proofs? might convince me to try a little more than 5$ if i'm seeing valid payment proofs
  6. enhh.... might be worth paying 5 bucks to find out tho...
  7. this...... seems too good to be true but i assume there are significant risks involved.. it's still gambling.. but very interesting rates.. tier3 payouts seem very lucrative
  8. HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist

    three strikes so far buddy haha i'll get it eventually!
  9. HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist

    Please whitelist: Nytewind I have just successfully completed the MOTOR achievement with 10,000 chats *celebration*
  10. Need a loan - .02

    Thank you Andr33i - Btw i did notice you over on STAKE as well. hats off good sir. I think you're right and i should probably go for a .01 loan at a standard 20% rate, prove i can pay that first.... TLDR; This loan is no longer desired at this rate - please contact me if interested in .01@20%.
  11. Need a loan - .02

    I do not support PayPal since they like to just randomly pick sides when someone does a dispute.... *thinking.... i dont mind putting my csgo skins up for collateral but they're not worth as much as what i'm asking for... People that know me: Kristofff(mod), juliochavez, robear(mod), Btc1969, multiple vip's in chat, LeDust(mod).. uhm.. y'know i really didn't think this loan was that much but after looking at some others, perhaps i *am* asking a bit much for a first time loan on a 24-48 hour period... didn't hurt to ask tho.
  12. Need a loan - .02

    MMMMkay TOTAL WINS106,611 TOTAL LOSSES78,906 TOTAL BETS185,517 LUCK99.00%
  13. Need a loan - .02

    Thanks i'll work on it
  14. Need a loan - .02

    I understand. ew... just noticed the whole "new member, 0 score" due to the lack of forum activity i'm actually extremely active in the chat room, well known. and willing to take a smaller loan..
  15. Need a loan - .02

    Am looking for a short-term loan. 0.02 for about 48Hrs (or less). Total to be paid back: 0.035 Am in chat room more often than not if you'd like to discuss.. or respond here...