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  1. No more primedice streamings on twitch?

    Hiyas vinka, I'm doing profit for tips, im planning to do one tonight, at Colombian time, is of course unnoficial but will be fun i guess.
  2. if you are an otaku, what's your favorite ANIME?

    I have a lot of favorite anies but i really love:: -Nana -Boku no pico - shokugeki no soma food wars!
  3. Favorite Vegies!!!

    Tomatoes, Brocoli and carrot
  4. does any one know this song?

    I knew it in university, i love it.
  5. anime fanatic

    My recomendations for this season: Gamers! Eromanga sensei. Boku no hero academy.
  6. When I was a kid...

    I was scared about grow like an afroaamerican girl, in my country ppl were veery racist oh and also i was scared about the chtulu
  7. Hi guys YEstreday i want to do a transaction of a little quantity (0,02) to annother walllet and i stopped it because fee was 0,007 in mycellium. wtf is going on with that fees?
  8. Hello its my First Topic

    Hey welcome!! im fine and you, how your bets are going?
  9. What happened with Mr PD contest?

    Hiyas guys, what happen with Mr PD contest? it needs to happen!! any sugestion, i can be logistics :3
  10. yay amazing it sounds really good, makes me think that coins will be depend of the sector.
  11. Your Username

    I have this one because is the combination of my names hahahah so boring
  12. Your Religion and Your God

  13. Dustin's United

    Dusty, lusty, busty? hahahaha you will rule the world guys, you are amazing :3
  14. Hi hi UserName: NorisaCorme
  15. Why did you get into bitcoin?

    In my case i just need to pay my university credit, my work is not enough to do that and live, so i discovered cryptocoins and see in them an oportunity to make more money, i hope to finish to pay my debts sooner with it. Also because is funny.