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  1. Last letter game

  2. Training puppies

    Lol and my dog will hit jackpot
  3. Training puppies

    What is the most effective age to start training puppies? Do we need to hire dog trainer? My dog only understand "sit" command
  4. Spend bitcoin on porn

    I never do that because I always search for free porn site Maybe you can share your experience
  5. Ideal Life Expectancy

    For me personally , 75 Years maybe old enough for me to watch my children and grand children hahaha
  6. Thanks God for the last 10 years I have never had a serious illness. but personally I prefer traditional medicine What about you
  7. Hello guys, For me even I only have small amount of bitcoin and did not trade it, I always check bitcoin price every day What about you?
  8. Hard fork

    Bitcoin has 2 hard forks planned in the near future - "Bitcoin Gold" and "Bitcoin Segwit 2x". Will original bitcoin price will higher or lower with this hard fork?
  9. Usename : noeprellik
  10. Congratulations to all winners
  11. Last letter game

  12. Cremation vs. burial

    Cremation because its simple and cheaper than burial. I dont want to bother my family by bury me
  13. Loud fart

    Lol they can make a fart concert than
  14. Well high risk high return
  15. Last letter game