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  1. I will win it someday, and when i win i will post here
  2. Scam Site Watchlist!

    Becarefull there is a site similar with primedice called "primadice.com" it will steal your id and password
  3. I play in the other site, doing some pre rolls for 80 rolls and then start with base bet 40 sats increase on loss 1.5% in 100x payout. And then boom , got busted in 568 rolls (so unlucky got 568 reds in 100x payout). I still keep the same server and client seed and add some more 4 rolls 1 week after, green still didnt appear. Total lost about 0.07btc Will try to chase green maybe untill 700red streaks and then I will surrender if green still doesnt appear. Wish me luck Ps: maybe anyone interested to continue my bet and we can share profit
  4. The 7 types of gambler- what type are you?

    Maybe Im close to compulsive gambler
  5. Lucky day 15k -> 500k - PD is provably fair

    Congratulations mcknight, go win 1 btc and jackpot
  6. My profit in primedice

    Nice profit @badguy69, keep it up
  7. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    Yes, can't wait to see the winner. I miss in 10th talkative giveaways, hope can win in this 20 billion giveaway
  8. BRAZZERS hoodie

    Vote no1 , blue is nice
  9. what would be your dream job or profession

    My Dream job in the near term is promoted as bussiness manager
  10. Quick Mind Game

    Plant --> zombie
  11. Quick Mind Game

    Max bet
  12. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    I will buy 10 btc and gambling till busted
  13. Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    Big balls result in big win
  14. I wish someday I can win by mistake
  15. Quick Mind Game