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  1. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    Haha, I really thought you had that much reds... Only 13% that's like nothing. Gonna try it with low bets.
  2. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    Waaaay too much!
  3. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    Well yeah but he got 53627284783929 reds... @Mistletoe that's just too much to be true.
  4. Best Gambling Site 2017

    PD for the win bitcheeeees!!
  5. Minergate - A miner for Windows, Mac OSX and Android!

    I know someone who does with a little rig. (7 GPU's) What'd you like to know?
  6. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    So much reds??? What payout were you doing?
  7. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    Well I guess all we can do is support him next time.
  8. Greed Control (Notebook Daily monitoring)

    damn, almost 800k usd da bust! He should've left when he could...
  9. Minergate - A miner for Windows, Mac OSX and Android!

    I'd agree actually, it was very profitable in the past but now I suggest you buy hashpower or you buy a rig to mine. I'm about to stop mining with my lappy as well actually.
  10. Can Bitcoin be used by ordinary citizens??

    Of course it can, aren't you an ordinary citizen? I am and I use it, so I'm living proof that it's possible.
  11. Minergate - A miner for Windows, Mac OSX and Android!

    No they probably won't, which is logic. Those numbers represent the hashpower of something, depends on where you found them.
  12. When Do You Stop?

    Haha, I'm glad that I could give you the answer.
  13. Minergate - A miner for Windows, Mac OSX and Android!

    You can google it. Just type "current mining difficulty" and you should get some websites that offer answers. I currently mine XMR with laptop but it's not really giving me a lot. All prices have gone up so more ppl mine which means the mining difficulty has quickly gone up. Soon mining will not be profitable anymore for anyone except for those who have rigs or special shareware.
  14. Minergate - A miner for Windows, Mac OSX and Android!

    I suggest that if you mine with phones you pick a coin that has a very low mining difficulty. You better avoid bigger coins when using a phone as this will not be as profitable as when mining for little coins.
  15. I'd absolutely love to see a log file for our bets. Something downloadable or so.