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  1. Maintenance breaking things

    Geez, lots of problems! Did you PM support? Some say we should just wait.
  2. Email verification.

    They say it's just a bug and that you have to wait. I hope what they say it's true. Let's see if @Bojana can help us. She's the woman for almost all solutions!
  3. What do you do with ETH ?

    I'm hesitating to buy it... It's the first time I'm going to buy any coin... I hesitate between bitcoin and ethereum. What'd you suggest?
  4. Forum Questions and Information

    @Dan By what will the giveaway team be replaced?
  5. if you are an otaku, what's your favorite ANIME?

    I completely agree. But I just feel like Luffy won't go for Hancock cuz she was madly in love with Luffy but Luffy didn't respond to that. I think Oda wouldn't have done that if Hancock and Luffy should be together one day... Maybe it's just me hoping Luffy and Nami will get together.
  6. Chat Rules elaborated

    Primequeens? You mean PrimeGodesses! Bojana, helping out as always!
  7. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    @Edward When will these be payed out? Wanna do some chat game giveaways!
  8. if you are an otaku, what's your favorite ANIME?

    What episode you at? In the beginning/middle of the current existing episodes I would defenitely agree with you but now... Sanji isn't exactly the same anymore. And you can't forget that Sanji likes all hot girls , not only Nami. And I think Nami and Luffy have been through a lot more together than Nami and Sanji. I can see Nami and Sanji together but I think Nami would go for Luffy. I hope she will become Luffy's Pirate queen.
  9. Hello I am new here

    Hi! Enjoy the forum! Hope you make your fortune! Good luck!
  10. 196 countries

    Haha, the chocolates are delicious! And try out their waffles and French fries too! I actually hate to call them French Fries cuz in France they barely know how to make them! While at least 35% of the Belgian families eat French Fries almost once a week!
  11. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    No, I don't mean real ban. Maybe temporary ban or unability to post giveaways. But I'm sure someone can come up with better ideas...
  12. 196 countries

    Belgium is very close to Amsterdam, come visit me!
  13. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    Yeah, something like an approval before or a punishment afterwards uploading the giveaway.
  14. So is this a scam or not? You said you'd update your post. @Eugene265
  15. whats the craziest things u did when u were still young?

    If I would have done it now I would just be plain stupid. But at that time I was very little so I did not recognize the danger. I grew up with books where crocs were kind animals talking to hyppos. When I was that little crocs were like exactly the same for me as, lets say, a dog.