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  • Primedice

    thanks for the warning. however there are many online reviews of this site and they are all positive. There shouldn't be such problems.
  2. Lottery winner on freebitco.in

    why do you think the extractions are not regular? when there is a lottery, any ticket can win
  3. Free CLAMS sent to ur WALLET

    I did not understand how it works? is a faucet or do you have to "sell" bitcoin addresses?
  4. Dudubon

    Welcome! choose a photo in your profile. and have fun with the dice!
  5. I live in Italy. If I could, I would live in a warm place. Even better if it is an island. For example, some Caribbean or Polynesian islands!
  6. Books

    Cien años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude) - 1967 - Gabriel García Márquez
  7. Newbie at primedice

    Hello! welcome I hope you can earn a pile of satoshi!
  8. Is it worthed earning from faucet?

    if bitcoin will increase its value a lot, it will not definitely be a waste of time! however, we only have to use the best and reliable faucets!!
  9. Smartcoin.fr - 1st french faucet

    thx, I'll try! I didn't know it
  10. My strategy is to accumulate all the bitcoin (satoshi) of the faucets on COINPOT. When I reach 50000 satoshi, I can send (without fee) bitcoin to freebit, another great faucet where there is also an annual rate of interest of 4.08%. Then from freebit I can send bitcoin (with little size and no fee) to my personal wallet when I want. Here my referreal link on Freebit: https://freebitco.in/?r=8645914
  11. 🏆 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    Username: NeStore
  12. The 1.55x Strategy (Manual Play)

    thank you. Your tuturial is very detailed and useful. I want to try it!
  13. I agree. I also think dash and zcash have a great potential
  14. thanks, you would not regret it! Connect it to Coinpot, so you can manage all and coins and it is easier to reach the withdrawal limit