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  1. What cause the boom in Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin was created in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis to operate outside of central governments, banks and financial institutions. Over these years, Bitcoin’s framework has challenged regulators, as most of them struggled to find ways to bring it under control. This led to some countries banning it or making it illegal, while some others remained observant and the rest worked out ways to tax and regulate its operations.
  2. Why does China hate Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin’s buzz is gone, for now. It was crushed by the heavy-handed intervention of the Chinese government, which is cooling off investor enthusiasm for the digital currency.
  3. How to Become A Bitcoin Expert

    create bitcoin account To become an expert in bitcoin and blockchain is no different from anything else you want to become an expert in, you have to read about it. Research some wallets, download one, on your PC, your phone. Purchase some bitcoin, not necessarily a whole lot, just enough. Learn APIs , This also means understanding the key terminology that is returned in the call, such as 'block height', 'nonce' etc. Start understanding the protocol: Stay up to date with bitcoin info/news : Identify where your skill set or your interest lies... is it tech/programming? Is it more business? Law? Pick one, this will be your subject.Read up on your desired subject Next step would be to network as much as you can. Join your local bitcoin and blockchain meetup, present about what you now know about bitcoin/blockchain. Join the hundreds of online communities. Attend the conferences. create bitcoin account You're now well on your way on becoming a bitcoin/blockchain expert. SOURCES : The world wide web