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  1. Ever heard of Flakka, the zombie drug?

    Omg yes I heard about it @Kristoffff , it's called too "Bath Salt" and this drug is worst shit ever, just Horrible!
  2. Wazzup!

    Hello @Puchay101 welcome to Primedice Forum
  3. January 2018 has been a blood bath for Bitcoin and all other Cryptos in general. Analyst predicted a bright future for Crypto-currencies but circumstances have arisen which prevented Bitcoin to soar. This thread will try to explain in a few points the reasons behind this huge Dip in the price. Facts: BTC has lost more than 50% of its value Market cap has lost over than 50% as well So what's happening in Crypto's Market? How all of a sudden, when medias and investors started to believe that Bitcoin and other cryptos could be a legit way of payment. And after Bitcoin price reached all high time (Almost 20k USD) in last days of december, one month and half later cryptocurrencies market is tanking. First of all, we can resume this sad event in three letters: FUD which stands for: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. What are the reason which are responsible for this FUD? 1. When Bitcoin Price reached all time him (around 20k USD) , obviously, Whales cashed out their profit so it explains the first dip. 2. Chinese government regulation cryptocurrencies market , followed by South-Korea and India who represent one of the biggest markets for digital currencies 3. the Giant Social Network Facebook is stopping all ads to promote cryptocurrencies because of the numerous scams... 4. Bitfinex's Tether, which is a cryptocurrency backed by USD. If tether is revealed to have been artificially increasing Bitcoin's value it will result in a “bloodbath” for investors. 5. Lack of innovations in the Blockchain's Network which is still slow and not so practical for business. New platforms are growing , decentralized exchanges are starting to make claims, and digital assets may start to exist without the need for Bitcoin. In other words, the new investors are realizing that Bitcoin is not all that great, and that a new digital asset, held over the years, may offer more growth potential, and maybe even utility. Feel free to leave share you comments and your thoughts about this topic, thanks!
  4. What are you currently listening to

    Many good songs in here, always a pleasure to share with you friends! Here's one of the tracks i'm listening to atm, cheers!
  5. Is Bitcoin Dying?

    It's way too early to say if Bitcoin is dead or not... We should take a step back and look at the big picture, maybe after few months, years we will know that.
  6. SpaceMining.io - Scam

    So many scams.....Sad for people who invested.....
  7. Bitcorns, the Farmville of the blockchain ?

    Like cryptokitties, i think it's a genius SCAM!
  8. Huge Hit Earlier!! 200k to over 20mil

    Gratz ben , you really nailed it this time , respect bro
  9. Nytewinds PD Parody Song

    Nice song @nytewind
  10. Nice idea and Video, but you need to correct some typo, miswriting as "Standard and "features' , i will check later to see what i can suggest you
  11. Haha very funny, awesome @CrystalBlox , looking forward to see more memes
  12. Kuleguten Stream #20! Hilo retard! Giveaways!

    Good Luck Stake Name: MrNice23
  13. 📢 Primedice 2017 Award Winners!

    Gratz to all the winners! Especially @Bojana and @Irena , well i voted for both
  14. Neo's 10k Contest

    From WOW or final fantasy (twitch) ?
  15. Funny Chat Moments

    You can post "lol screenshots" as well @Dboyeric