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  1. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Username: MONEYBANK
  2. Username: MONEYBANK My new signature. =)
  3. I am loaning 0.001-0.005

    Hi everybody. I will be loaning 0.001 to 0.005 to somebody trusted who can pay back at 20% interest. I want somebody who will pay out of their own pocket if they lose. If you lose however, just show me some betids or sufficient proof and you only pay back the original loan amount without interest.
  4. Banned for No reason?

    I think you should specify what you sent in the pm if you want to dispute it. No one can give justification if they don't know what you said.
  5. What if bitcoin will be $100 tomorrow?

    I would liquidate all of my assets and buy bitcoin. Thousands of other people would be doing this too which would drive the price up very quickly.
  6. Joined thanks for the info. : )
  7. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    PD username = MONEYBANK 98.32
  8. 6th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool

    Username: MONEYBANK
  9. I really need a loan

    If you realistically want a loan that large you HAVE to have some sort of collateral or level of trust. No one will give you a loan if they aren't confident they'll get it back.
  10. I had learned about dice betting and primedice about the same time as bitcoin. Being the person I am, I researched and found out about provably fair, martingale, and all the other aspects of dicing. I tried going to other sites but it was never the same. Primedice was always the best site to me maybe because I found it first or because it really is the best bitcoin gambling experience.
  11. Can this issue be addressed soon?
  12. Thanks for running the giveaway and quick results.
  13. [0.1 BTC] 5 Topics, 50 posts

    My boy LMAO I don't know why but this actually killed me.
  14. [0.1 BTC] 5 Topics, 50 posts

    Username: MONEYBANK