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  1. Get SkinCoin 4 days left !

    Invest on it if you have faith. But take this "Dont invest fund you can't afford to lose" lol but upon checking their website I can't much potential on their ICO. There had been lots of sucessful ICO in the past where investors really got decent profits but because of this, scammers had also got the chance to fool lots of people making investment on their fake ICOs and sad part is some of them are as convincing as genuine.
  2. Trading techniques

    Well hard to say exactly which coin would pump or dump but having agood research would help you decide.
  3. Not really stalking just like being updated. I am following person which post oftenly catch my interest so it would be nice if I see in my notif if they have new activities so even Im away from forum for couple of hours I can still their post easy. Just like that.
  4. Hi @Dan I want to suggest to have a notification when ever someone a member is following make a new topic/post, recommend a post, reacted to post etc whether he is subscribe or not to a particular thread. I think the purpose of following a person here is to watch his activity since you will not follow anyone unless you dont have an interest.
  5. problem with my forum balance

    That is normal. Most section here before are paid but due to spams and abuse of the pay per post Admin and Mod decided to set limits on pay per post sytem.
  6. Playing with somebody' strategy.

    Its okay babbura you can talk to her sincerrly and explain you side. As you said she has been a gambler for years so she know that gambling is more on luck rather than strategy. Go ahead and save your friendship. My friends here @Jenn09 @Bes19 @jamelyn @neya @ravenyvolle we are also sharing techniques oftenly which works on one of us. If we win with the strat we are happy if not maybe one just been really lucky. Goodluck @Bubbura
  7. OlegBarca's Stream #81-STAKE!!! Giveaways!

    Goodluck oleg. Im not yet too sleepy so ill try to watch. Go for greens.
  8. They're back with vengeance..lol having more urge to recover whats lost yesterday some able to revover and unfortunately some end up having bigger losses..lol
  9. investing on altcoins

    I would recommend adex. Its price continue to pump in short period of time after a successful ICO. Developers are also good and been able to be liated in bittrex in less than a month. I think price would continue to pump since they already start collaborating with neo platform as well just few days ago.
  10. Maybe thats just a troll killing boredom..lol
  11. 1 minute wait for chat

    Yeah I also encounter that delay on sending private messages here but I just dont to much attention since my close friends here are also my fb friends or have contact on discord so Im using those service to communicate with them.
  12. Havent heard someone had call pd a scam. Not fair? isnt pd provably fair?its just that they have 1% house edge.lol..Im playing on pd to gamble and enjoy at the same time. I dont have any bad comments about pd so far since Im still on positive profit not that huge though but had fun. I oftenly got bust but after few days able to recover.
  13. Sites paying too high are mostly not paying. High revenue and high threshold for payout better stay away. Youll just waste your time. lol