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  1. Congrats for the nice hit @Solicitor. Hope you got more.
  2. Lol you should just stop playing with them. Theres a chance you just wake up 1 day and found your account has been suspended or disable already with all your funds left in there.
  3. Its your bad day maybe..hope you recover soon..
  4. Everytime btc price rise to around 5-20% i cash it out and keep in my bank the once it drops a little i cash it in again. Its easy for me to do so since my btc wallet allow me to cash in and out tru bank with minimal fees.
  5. Nice @Cordiceps...keep it coming. Ill try help you create some when i got the time. Im very busy as of now (busy rolling at primedice lol.
  6. Hi @JstLikeMagyk maybe there just got a misunderstanding sinvmce you describe your giveaway as jackpot simulation when its not really coz jackpot needs to hit 77.77 twice in a row and yours just need to roll it twice. But still a nice giveaway you even give chance for small bettor asking for only 10sat minimum bet. Its the easiest giveaway for hunting roll i find so far. I suggest you have a list in your post for possible winnerrs so far. Thanks again.
  7. Winning the jackpot is like winning on lottery...its too hard but if you got it then worth the money and time of waiting...but just hitting any number twice in row is too hard. Actually i never got hit any same number twice consecutively...then how for only targetting specific roll which is 77.77?..just my opinion.
  8. @JstLikeMagyk should the roll be a winning bet?or it doeant matter win or lose?
  9. I hope too i reach that @lolgato. But im not
  10. Veteran venture capital investor Fred Wilson has warned prospective ICO investors not to be “greedy” as the market continues to explode. In a blog post delivering what many praised as pertinent advice for newbies, Wilson advocated forethought when it comes to considering a project offering a token sale. “[...R]ight now, with all of the enthusiasm for crypto assets out there, I am very concerned that nobody is being careful about anything,” he summarized." The cryptocurrency market is currently awash with ever-expanding ICOs, two of which even contributed to network instability for funding currency Ethereum yesterday due to unprecedented interest. While Civic’s sale had a raft of measures in place to ensure technically sound procedure, a simultaneous sale from Status received major criticism for “clogging” the network. “I remember friends buying hot Internet IPOs in the late 90s,” Wilson warned. “[...] I’d ask them why they were investing and they would say to me “I heard its a hot deal” and I would say ‘But what does the company do?’ and they would say to me ‘I don’t know, but I know I’m going to make a lot of money.’” Wilson highlighted a total of six areas for consideration which included advice on scams and “things which feel like scams.” His Union Square Ventures is a regulator contributor to Blockchain schemes. “We are investors in token funds and I believe we will start directly buying tokens soon,” he added, “So we are bullish on crypto.” “However, there are many things going on in the sector right now that are head shakers to us.” Source: Credits: William Suberg
  11. Hi @biggad nice to meet you.
  12. Thanks for another giveaway sissy. Hope i got a slot for this. Goodluck everyone
  13. No worries han. Im glad to help..
  14. Pretty sure that site was made to fool people and think that the site is primedice so they ca steal account credentials and balance. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Yay daddy thats also what im thinking so im asking if just need to hit twice even not in a row