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  1. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    The channel seems great, Nataly! Subscribed, so I will check more videos when I have more time. I am not that skillful when it comes to cooking, but definitely will try to make some of those cakes
  2. This is not a dating site! Oh, wait, this is not support chat, I can make jokes here So, @rack001 (Radoslav) where would this date be - some castle, since we recently got you a name after Serbian medieval king?
  3. Awesome and interesting interview @Bojana and @ledust I expected nothing less from you two Although I see you every day at the office, I haven't known few things about you until now, Bojanos We'll have to make that team-building PARTY soon
  4. why did you give that warning ? who asked you ?

    1. Mirela


      I have given you an explanation in the warning also - asking for reputation is not allowed on the forum.

    2. BitCoinMNR


      I never asked for reputation ! i even posted quality topic where not only is no pay per post but even reputation cant be given. I only told ppl after they won and did not even read the rules before posting  that it was in every post and it was clear and agreed by many to give reputation one time only to one main post. So by making it a rule to enter a game that i pay from my money for what even Dan gave reputation was ok until you came along and thought hey lets mess this up hence the 1 point warning ! Well thanks from me and everyone who participated you killed it ! feel free to ban me am done with pd forum.

    3. Mirela


      I do not see how I messed or as you said 'killed' anything by giving you warning for something I stated in the warning itself. We appreciate your giveaways and other contributions you have made to this forum, and I personally think you have a lot of quality posts here. One warning does not delete the topic nor does it make less available for continuation, actually it can be considered as a pointer/advice.

  5. My first shortfilm

    @Hakar_yusuf Well done! Based on everything we've seen so far from you here on the forum, I can say you are very talented! I wish you a great success and hope we'll see some more of your work here. <3
  6. Hey guys, no need to nominate moderators and streamers, they are already whitelisted. The first voting on these nominations will be during the next few days.
  7. ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?

    A mí me gustan todas las canciones pero la primera es lo mejor Como puedes olvidar de Bebe, que lástima Si, se parece, pero estoy una persona que necesita mas tiempo para conoscer (no estoy segura si es que dicho este correcto) Yo tambien escucho Shakira, algunas canciones de antes, algunos preferitos son: Ojos Asi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z9w8s2l8NM Te dejo Madrid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgCh19FJ1hg y Las de las intuicion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKlpL4FhzUs P. S. ha olvidó de mi cancion favorita, no sé como lo olvidó:
  8. Q&A with CEO Micro!

    @Bojana The snake is @Milan's idea, we should blame him Anyhow, the guys are preparing a prank, beware! @MrVincenzo88 Or with some of the guys, they've been hiding for so long @Milan @Vladimir Great interview, Mladen and Dusty
  9. ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?

    ¡Hola chicos/chicas! @Irena mi amor, eso es muy buena tema! Yo también hablo un poco de español, puedo entender pero escribir no es facil Me gustan las canciones de ustedes, especialmente ésta: Quien es ese hombre @Bojana Las canciones que yo escucho i quiero mucho son: Y muchos otras canciones Que disfrutes
  10. Best Feature of Primedice

    Thank you, @Carollzinha , we'll try to be even better! And thank you for being a part of this great community, and making a contribution with awesome streams, you guys rock!
  11. Real Life Pictures!

    Love ya, too, Buttercup and Blossom @Irena @Bojana Thanks, everyone, we're sending love back
  12. Forum Guidelines question

    It was just a typo, thank you for pointing out. It has been edited.
  13. Dan has made a topic with clear and excellent guidelines on how to make a meaningful content when posting, so it is time to lock this. Check Dan's topic: For any further questions/doubts, feel free to contact a mod or admin.
  14. Bad day for me :(

    Locking the topic since the issue is solved.