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  1. Hello. You have been explained in the ticket you have submitted to the support that your thread was regarded as a potential scam, therefore it was removed by a forum mod. You have talked about it in the chat which was in conflict with the chat rule: 3. No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scams. The security of our players is very important to us, therefore, the mod had to react and mute you. Please, read the chat rules (gear icon below the chat box), or have a look at this topic:
  2. Hey, Yes, or alternatively contact us via e-mail at support@primedice.com Thank you for the assistance @UltraChief
  3. Hey, Regarding the account recovery it is the best to contact us at Live Support on the site (icon in the bottom right corner) or via e-mail at support@primedice.com It is possible to recover the accounts if you confirm the ownership of them. Regards!
  4. Muted permanently ?

    Please, contact us on the site on Live Support (bottom right corner) and we will check the issue. Best regards!
  5. Muted permanently ??

    Hello. Please, contact us at Live Support or send us an e-mail to support@primedice.com and we will check it immediately.
  6. Questions for PD Staff

    1) Describe each PD staff's mannerism - 'What Bojana and Darko said above' 2) Aside from gambling games, what other games you like playing? Are you a PC, Mobile, or Console gamer? - I mostly play on my mobile, all kinds of trivia games and I used to play a strategy game Clash of Kings for several months, it was a fun experience, met some new people, and actually stayed in contact with a couple of them from this Balkan area. 3) Are you an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert? Were you just born like that or it changed thru time? If it changed, can you tell us what happened? - I would have to say ambivert, I guess It depends on multiple factors, but most of the time I need some time to relax. 4) Halloween has passed but can you tell us a scary experience that you personally experienced with the supernatural? Does your office or office building have a popular scary story? No, as far as I can remember...there were some weird inexplicable situations but nothing supernatural I believe 5) Do you have a part-time job or online store? No part-time job, I am dedicated to this one 6) Your first impression on your PD colleague - Crazy people (in a good way, of course ) 7) Can you speak other languages or dialects? Besides my native Serbian, I can speak English, Spanish (tho not perfect, learned it at University and TV series while I was younger, actually most of those in Serbia who can speak it learned it the same way I did ), French (learned in high school, and some knowledge of it still remained ) and I can understand a bit of Russian, German, and Italian. I love learning languages, thinking to start going to a course to really learn either German or Russian. 8) Funniest moment in PD office - oh there are often some funny moments, mostly due to the guys making pranks (I'm usually the target of those) - recently they scared me a COUPLE of times with snake pranks, although it was stressful for me, they found it very funny Gotta admit tho, I was accomplice when we plotted to scare Bojana in the hallway, it was a success and a hilarious one. Sorry, Bojanos 9) Something that you love doing it lately? Listening to German rap 10) Post a picture of your pet! Don't have one with me currently, will update some other time with the pic of our family dog. Thanks for the questions, @Zephiera
  7. Phobias

    It is a must also to hang it on the wall in front of the PC she and I use maybe also find a clown balloon or something to hang outside, so when she opens the shutters on the window, she has a nice view oh so many ideas No, no, Pennywise is cute in comparison what I'm going to find for you K, I won't refuse the gift, I'll love it very much *googles what's the MOST efficient way to kill a snake*
  8. Phobias

    Admin you, for posting a snake which I have a phobia of?! No, thank you @Irena let's ban Bojana *searching for the scariest picture of a clown to hang in the office*
  9. deposit not reflecting

    Hello. As I have already explained on support chat, your deposit is not yet confirmed. As soon as it is confirmed on Blockchain, it will be credited to your PD account. Please, wait until then since there is nothing we can do - the confirmation does not depend on PD. If you have any additional questions, please, contact us again on Support chat.
  10. 196 countries

    I just assumed he's the one with the hat We'll add you sljivovica in that tea
  11. 196 countries

    Persuaded so easily reverse psychology worked @Bojana Cheers Kargai!
  12. 196 countries

    I knew it! and @Kargai thought he could get away with some tea
  13. Questions for PD Staff

    Hey @Mistletoe tnx for the topic, love the questions whats the hardest part of your job? Have to agree with Bojana, it's gotta be the night shift, hard to get sleeping cycle back on track, last time I got out of night shift, used my day off for sleeping until 8:30 pm do you enjoy your job? Yes, I do enjoy it, there isn't much stress, colleagues are the best, the PD community is awesome, what's not to like do you work from home or the main office? From the office in Serbia. If in the office, do you guys wear office attire or casual attire? That's another advantage of the job, we can come in casual attire Do you roll those dices too? Rarely, when I have some free time I like to have fun with some small bets. whats your strategy? Don't have one Looking forward to some other questions from others, we'll be happy to answer
  14. 196 countries

    It's a trap, @ravenyvolle has planned to get us all drunk no tea for you, Kargai
  15. 196 countries

    Well well, Serbia is getting popular Could be a good business, Kargai Can we have you as our first guest?