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  1. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    You just log in and get the tokens, then research the rest of it on their website You can earn more thru your own refs.
  2. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    Tnx n.n,almost out of coins,close to 100 000 claims.
  3. I just got bored, and wanted to do something interesting, but i guess, because of so many scams, no one is willing to play lol :E
  4. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    Hahaha, for a helicopter Tnx to all who logged in, best advice...just let it sit and keep up with updates, hope it gets to 1 dollar one day
  5. NO.Tickets: > GUESS THE BTC PRICE < Ball:0.00000000 (Ends 15th December at 11:00 AM Gmt) #1 RULES: 1.Only one guess/ticket per person! 2.Guessed price can only be in USD! Example: (10.139,23USD)! 3.Edits of the price can be made until 10th December at 11.00AM Gmt 5.Tickets can be purchased in only 2 ways! 1.Thru PDForum-via credits, One ticket=0.00005000 satoshi (Bigger the ball-bigger rewards) 2.Thru tips on PrimeDice-Username: Milan944 ( /tip Milan944 0.00005000) 6.For the complete entry: post your PrimeDice username, guess and buy the ticket. INFO: The total ball will be split into 3 rewards-(3 closest guesses), if there are 2 or more same closest guesses on any of the first 3 places, that % of the reward will be split accordingly to the number of winners. 1st place 60% 2nd place 25% 3rd place 10% (5% will be taken by me, for organization and advertising) GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE :)))
  6. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    http://prntscr.com/hhbl10 They are legit, this is my acc, but if the accounts share the same IP, they will not be eligible.
  7. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    tnx bro,if that goes to 1 dollar in 2-3 years,we rich :DD
  8. Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.

    It's thru Twitter or Facebook,which already has your email haha
  9. Dunno if someone posted it already, but i found this new token, that looks pretty cool, gonna possibly get to 100 satoshi by this time next year, which would be 0.065 btc worth so.. Here is the link: https://POWtoken.com?ref=POW82809 Their twitter: https://twitter.com/POWtoken
  10. Check out: https://luckygames.io/?ref=1835497 GIVEAWAY EVERY DAY Giveaways: 7 (1 per day) Winners: 70 (10 winners per day) Prize Pool: 35,000 XEM (500 XEM per winner) How to win? Look at English alphabet at first. You need to hit lucky numbers step-by-step in Roulette game which correspond to serial numbers of letters in English alphabet to collect the word LUCKYGAMES. WORD: L U C K Y G A M E S LUCKY NUMBERS: 12 21 3 11 25 7 1 13 5 19 Post your 10 bet ids in the comments below after the giveaway is started (check the giveaways timetable below). Example: L [12] - 8,000,000,000 U [21] - 8,000,000,100 C [3] - 8,000,000,200 K [11] - 8,000,000,300 Y [25] - 8,000,000,400 G [7] - 8,000,000,500 A [1] - 8,000,000,600 M [13] - 8,000,000,700 E [5] - 8,000,000,800 S [19] - 8,000,000,900 * Note! The bet ids must be increased for each letter, it means that you hit them step-by-step. Good luck guys n.n
  11. good luck Milan944
  12. lol wtf is going on,i'm trying to do 12 gems 13 mines,and when i click auto ,it goes for couple rolls,and then lags out :c
  13. But wait, I didn't look too much into BtcMines, so what if you set up to hit just one gem with 24 mines, will the payout be the biggest or just 24? Whats the ratio of gems and mines, for the biggest payout 50:50?
  14. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

  15. 20 billion bets giveaway

    It's just my sugestion hahah