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  1. Timox17 - Defaulted on loan

    @MateuszHDHR1 Thank you for reporting. @timox17 You have 3 days to pay back what you owe. Please solve this. Cheers.
  2. Blindme - Defaulted on Loan

    Hey @Memek, I apologize for the late reply, I was away for 2 weeks. @Blindme You have 24 hours to pay back what you owe. Please solve this. Thanks.
  3. It will be much faster if you contact us on Support Chat. We will check what happened and we will help you in any way we can. You can also send us an email to support@primedice.com Locking this one.
  4. Morros - Defaulted on Loan

    @Morros has been banned. I'm sorry @Memek but that is all I can do. If he pays you back, I will unban his accounts.
  5. DustinCrazy - Defaulted on Loan

    Thank you for reporting that. His alt accounts have been banned.
  6. Permanently muted

    System mutes you automatically on ACP if you abuse the faucet. You can claim faucet, of course. You will be muted if there is no other activity than claiming faucet. You are not the only one. Locking this one.
  7. Morros - Defaulted on Loan

    @Memek Thank you for reporting this. I will give him 3-4 days to pay you back, if you agree. @Morros Please solve this, otherwise, I will be forced to ban your accounts. Thanks.
  8. Hotkeys

    If you have any more questions about this, please, let me know in pm. Locking this one.
  9. Hotkeys

    Spacebar works that way, if you have something highlighted with your mouse and you press spacebar, it will do that action. For example, if you last clicked on x2 and your mouse is still on x2 and when you press the spacebar it will multiply your bet x2 again. This only goes if your mouse cursor is on that button, moving. If it stands still, it should not work. Edit: I think there is a way to disable spacebar as your browser hotkey, not sure. Google it.
  10. Hotkeys

    The page will scroll down when you hold the spacebar (this only happens when you are not in the text entering situation). It will also scroll down when you spam-press it. And yeah, You can use H and L.
  11. How to enable 2FA?

    You can try this. https://authy.com/features/multiple-devices/
  12. Maej- defaulted on loan

    @MaeJ has been banned. There is nothing more I can do. If she pays you back, let me know. @Kurian
  13. We want to notify you that we will start requesting even more data when it comes to recovering your account. If you want to make your account more secure, please enable 2FA and set a strong password (combination of numbers, letters and symbols). Also, set a recovery email. Here is how you can enable your 2FA: This goes without saying, do not share your login data with anyone. If you get an offer/suggestion to use any script, or if you are advised with the usage of an unknown VPN, please, report it to support. Do not share your account with anyone, only you should have access to it. Do not trust the "winning strategies" you find on YouTube, etc. You can find a lot of strategies here on the forum. Please, be more careful with remembering your password and having access to the 2FA app, or make sure you have ALL the necessary data needed to confirm the ownership of an account. One of the most important account recovery steps will be to sign a Bitcoin message. Otherwise, you will not be able to regain access to the account. Coming to the support chat with inaccurate account data will be considered as an attempt to steal someone's account and those persons will be banned, and also blocked on the support chat.
  14. Damnnn, did I ruin it? Sry
  15. Maej- defaulted on loan

    @MaeJ You have 2 days to pay him back or you will be banned from PD and PD forum. Sorry @Kurian but that is all I can do. Let me know if she paid you back. I will lock this one for now.