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  1. nytewind defaulted on loan

    I will give him a couple of days to pay back what is owed. @nytewind please solve this soon.
  2. couldn't log in

    Live support chat is for the questions like these. If you cannot log in or if you have any other problem, you can always contact us on live support chat. We are available 24/7.
  3. togiy defaulted on loan

    @togiy has been banned. As I said to @UltraChief to tell him, if he pays back what is owed, he can get his account back.
  4. enhuush95 defaulted on loan

    Okay, @enhuush you have 2 days to pay back what you owe. Edit: Giving him a bit more time as @athena2007 requested. Locked for now.
  5. Nimfomanka/NimfaIVA - Defaulted on loan

    Thank you for reporting. She has been banned. As you already know, there is nothing else we can do about it. I'm sorry.
  6. Cannot Access Account

    With this being settled, I'm locking the topic.
  7. Loan information

    Please go to resolution center and create a topic about it, with proofs. Thank you.
  8. Dboyeric - Defaulted on loan

    @Dboyeric has been banned. He is offline for quite some time now. If he shows up somewhere and if he pays back what is owed, just let me know and I will unban his account. @UltraChief
  9. Looks like that's already solved and I will lock this topic.
  10. Dboyeric - Defaulted on loan

    Thank you. @Dboyeric Please solve this asap, we will give you a couple of days to sort this out. Locking this one.
  11. Dboyeric - Defaulted on loan

    @Dboyeric Cmon gwapo dude, solve this. you have 24 hours. If @UltraChief agrees, we can give you a couple more days.
  12. @geheimdienst has been banned. I'm sorry @AffiliateOnl but there is nothing more I can do. If he pays back what is owed, please let me know and I will unban his account.
  13. oodlecoins - Loan Paid Back

    He took his time, lol. Thanks for letting me know. I will unban his account but he will receive a negative feedback.
  14. You cannot play at the same time from the same IP. You'll get the error "Too many requests, slow down" @Yaronovich @biggad Can you guys explain it to him, I'm not sure he understands English.
  15. Yeah, it's not meant to be used that way. I'm not sure if it's possible tbh, because of the captcha. Anyways, every faucet abuse or faucet farming will result in a ban of your account.