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  1. Haha... Very cool stuff. But I need to change my avatar soon this one no longer fits . Any suggestions?
  2. Hahahaha... Gooe stuff 😀
  3. Thank you all for awesome support. A lot of you are worried about Ed and Stunna. They will stay around. Maybe even more than before and more relaxed. We will all work together to make pd even better and keep trying to achieve perfection.
  4. Thank you guys for awesome support. I look forward to working eith you all on making primedice a better place to have fun and gamble responsibly. There is a lot to discuss and do before this is in full effect.
  5. Me on the other hand...
  6. Sadly yes its still open but i could not manage to finish it. I hope i will be able do organize this soon.
  7. Hey, I am not sure if you checked ours PvP on primedice when we had it. It never caught on. I think mostly because it was to boring. Game was that 2 players bet against each other, player that rolls bigger number wins. If you have some interesting ideas on how to make it more fun for the players please share with us.
  8. Hey, Can you elaborate on this how did you plan to do that?
  9. This is actually a great idea but i guess it will be very hard to implement correctly without players being able to abuse it. Maybe webcam showdown where player is required to show his web cam during the match maybe even some kind of screen sharing. If you come up with great concept how this could work you can get funded easily.
  10. Ours main focus should always stay converting all those non provably fair fiat currency casinos to a provably fair system that everybody can trust! Gambling doesn't have to be bad as it is the reputation that follows gambling, when everything is provably fair gambling is pure fun and thrills!
  11. My fav is still DASH coin that coin made me pretty nice money. Next to it is ETH
  12. Everything primedice :* and i loveeee my job!
  13. Come on Stunna thats a poor introduction! Tell us more about urself .
  14. Pretty cool idea. We will see where we can implement that and try it out.
  15. Hey stremers. We paused stream payouts for now. I am working with Caroll on some now ways that we can make this work. We will have a plan very soon and it will be presented here shortly. Thank your for understanding.