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  1. Probably because you still know it is actually fair. And well you can prove it.
  2. Shinjo ur doing a great job mate.
  3. Update: We will swap wallets before we enable transactions again. Please make sure to get your new deposit address before you make deposits once enabled. All deposits to old deposit addresses will be safe but they will need to be credited manually. We will resume deposits/withdrawals on Primedice as soon as possible. Probably within 1 hour.
  4. Primedice Visual/Comfort Plugin (PVCP)

    This is very functional I like it. Sometimes function over looks is a good thing.
  5. Announcing new Primedice CEO

    The first thing I did as a new CEO is... I went to vacation lol. I am back now and very excited for the new things coming!
  6. We passed 2 million registered players

    And 2 to 3 million will be pretty fast at this rate . Amaizing!
  7. My girl!?!! ? Good luck. ?
  8. gambling online

    I would like being distracted by that 24/7 I don't mind it . That being said I don't visit casinos that often. Used to play a lot of live poker though.
  9. gambling online

    The only disadvantage I see is not having sexy dealers with big tits while you play.
  10. Well, I have invested a lot into this job, I opened a company for primedice support and development, we have an office here now and so on. So I see this as a long-term job. I still love to see players win because I don't work for % of the profits lol . If i was to get paid by profits then it would be another story .
  11. No, not at all, stake developers will be available for Primedice and we will make some amazing things happen. Well I was about to go and get a job at a local metal works factory. By now I would probably be working in the office for 2-2.5$ per hour. Would not be too bad but I would probably get stuck there for the rest of my life. And it would be one pretty damn boring life
  12. Yes it is and it has changed it quite drastically. I could never ever dream of the stuff I have and I can do now before primedice. It was very hard to find good and well paid job here and my family is not rich so my life would be much different without primedice.
  13. U should set date by which entries will be accepted.
  14. If you did not cut your hair a while ago u would pass as a cute girl easy That is to much we don't want girls here to disclose theirs facebook accounts. Rules with paper are fine. We will spot fakes easy. Simple google image search usually helps. I have added 0.1 to prize pool so that amount is right.
  15. Sweet. Il try to persuade support girls to participate And my gf Milica to. But i know if i enter i will win for sure.