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  1. loan requested .006

    Well, in this case it's because she told me it's her account. She stopped answering my PM when I pointed out her stats and asked when she is going to pay me back. At that point she is already one month late, now it's more than two months. I am giving her an opportunity to do the right thing and pay me back. Unfortunately, look like it's not going to happen
  2. loan requested .006

    Her oodlecoins account have been muted permanently. After that, she use a new account oreocheerio. She lost almost 0.1 BTC on that account, which means she must have deposited that much also. Unfortunately, she choose not to pay me. Yeah, a few people have went missing now
  3. Need a Loan - 0.01

    @Morros Just a reminder. I expect all loans to be paid back within 30 days from the date its given. So, you need to pay me back before 22 October 2017. Thanks.
  4. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Username: MemekIsPussy
  5. It only counts the post you made from the time this giveaway starts (19 Sept) until it ends (3rd Oct). That means you only make 2 post so far during this giveaway.
  6. DustinCrazy - Defaulted on Loan

    I hope so too, but he hasn't responded to my pm for two weeks now. Still waiting for @Milan to give him a deadline and banned him if he didn't pay me.
  7. loan requested .006

    This loan is not paid back yet. It is already almost two months late now. @oodlecoins Please do the right thing and pay back the loan I gave you. If anyone keep in touch with her, please let her know about this. Thanks.
  8. I am reporting @DustinCrazy for defaulting on the loan I gave him. The original loan thread is here : https://forum.primedice.com/topic/27958-need-loan-001/ He is now almost one month late. The last time he contacted me was on the 19th of September 2017. I haven't heard from him since then. The following are his Primedice accounts : DustinCrazy , DustinBank , Dustin420 Please take the necessary actions.
  9. Need loan 0.01

    He hasn't log on with his main account for more than 3 weeks now. Although he use his bank a couple days back, he did not contact me. I am giving him until this Sunday.
  10. Need 0.1

    This loan is not paid back yet. She hasn't log on to the forum and PD for quite some time now. If anyone keep in touch with @Zy15 ( aka Prinzsarhea ) , please let her know about this. Thanks. Edit : This loan have now been paid back. Thanks.
  11. Need loan 0.01

    This loan is not paid back yet. @DustinCrazy You asked for so many extension, which I have granted. Now, you are already 3 weeks late. Last Tuesday, September 19, you said you are waiting for deposit and will pay me back soon. I haven't heard from you since, and you did not answer my PM. So, I have to make this public. You have until 1st October 2017 to pay back your loans including the late fees. If you do not pay me back by that date , I will report this as scam. If anyone here knows Dustin, please let him know about this. Thanks.
  12. Need a Loan - 0.01

    I can provide this loan for you once again. Let me know if you agree @Morros
  13. [Opening Soon] BTC Shop

    It's already 22 September. Any updates @Morros ?
  14. Need a Loan - 0.01

    This loan have been paid back. It's paid back quickly too. Thanks.
  15. Need a Loan - 0.01

    I am waiting for my deposit. When it's confirmed, I can provide this loan for you. Edit : My deposit is confirmed now. I can provide this loan for you, same terms and conditions as usual. Let me know if you agree @Morros