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  1. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    I really really would like to add more content, useful and/or interesting one. Simply I don´t have enough time for everything. I don´t forget this wonderful forum. Will try to make some addition this week.
  2. Colombiano que se respete deja todo a ultima hora

    Felicitaciones Vinkaaaaaaa !!! Uruguay también va a estar !!!!!
  3. 20 billion bets giveaway

    I think there should be a minimum bet different than 0, for example 10 or 20 satoshis is very reasonable for everyone. Anyway roll hunts are unfair to normal manual users, there are users with several machines running scripts for hunting, if bets of 0 satoshis are allowed, they may even create ALT users and add more PCs to their workforce.....
  4. Loud fart

    Nobody talked yet about the deadly silent fart on an elevator full of ppl ..... OFC when the elevator is in between stops, doors closed......
  5. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    If one detail was needed to make Irena perfect, here it is. I am soooo hungry now ............
  6. Someone hijacked my Bitcoins!!!

    if your account was hacked and you dont have 2FA installed, it is your responsability....
  7. Someone hijacked my Bitcoins!!!

    you can send email to support@primedice.com, or if you are on Primedice webpage, there is a blob in the right lower corner, click there....
  8. maybe this article can clarify something (or maybe not) : https://forum.primedice.com/topic/24823-provably-fair-and-primedice-rng/
  9. Selling Feathercoins - FTC

    Since its a small amount, it isnt worth the trouble going to an exchange, I will lost almost all in fees when I transfer the satoshis here (fees in the feathercoin network are very small). So its much better for me if somebody here makes a direct transfer. To give you an idea of price, now its about 1100 satoshis for each FTC. So if I have 40 FTC it would be like 45k satoshis....... A few months ago (in July) the exchange rate was almost 4X of this, so they can be a good investment if in the future it happens again, and you get 4X or 5X the satoshis you invested. There was a peak in the exchange rate in 2014 when 1 FTC reached 0.5BTC , but I can not imagine this happening again.....
  10. Selling Feathercoins - FTC

    I have a few feathercoins (or FTC) leftover in my wallet from when I was mining them long time ago. Will have to sync the wallet to tell exactly how much FTCs left, but I think I have about 40 FTCs. The idea is to exchange them for satoshis in Primedice or in Stake. Could be a great investment as well, you never know what will be the next crypto to go to the moon, I remember I had LTCs stashed a loooot of time and their price was always at 4 bucks each, but then it shoot up and in a few time it was at US$50+. Make offers here. Thank you !!!!!!
  11. No, what is forbidden is to have multiple accounts on the Stake forum.
  12. A Beer from an Austrian Village call F......

    The pics of that village that appear on the internet looks good. Its a fucking nice place to live, it seems.
  13. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    btcAlice goes to the kitchen often, or its the forbidden room in the house ??
  14. Someone You Admire:)

    Everybody wants to know @ravenyvolle secret. But it is not gonna appear here, it is a secret after all. Dont ask again. BTW, @ravenyvolle I already bought the plane ticket as we arranged the other day in PM.
  15. Someone You Admire:)

    Connesa for president !!!!!!