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  1. List of ethereum casinos

    On this webpage you can find a list of internet casinos where you can play with Ethereum coins. It is a new webpage and still under construction/upgrade. You can find on each casino a review that gives you all the relevant information. https://ethereumcasinos.io/ Please take a look at it and comment if you like it or not, thank youuuuuuuu !!!
  2. Primedice withdraw should be lowered

    what about 300K? do you think that would be a good number ?
  3. Primedice withdraw should be lowered

    In my humble opinion, smaller amounts do not make much sense, you end up losing a lot in transaction fees..... By the way, transaction fees here are lower than in most other sites, they are probably not charging the complete amount of the fee on players. A custom WD fee would be nice, and was already talked about several times, apparently it is difficult to change the coding of the wallets inside PD....
  4. Nice Dogecoin faucet

    This faucet gives you free Dogecoins, you can claim every two hours. The amount that you get is randomly selected from this list: 0.2 doge, 0.25 doge, 0.30 doge and 0.5 doge. But, each day you claim they give you 1% bonus up to 100%, so after 100 days you can be easily claiming 12 Doges each day. And another thing is that they have a daily lottery with a prize of 50 dogecoins, the more you claim the more tickets you get for this daily lotto, which is not that hard to win.... As all faucets, the amount they give you is very small, but in the world of cryptocoins if you hold it for some time and if you are lucky, you can get an interesting amount..... Minimum cashout amount is just 2 Doge !!! I´ve been using this faucet since 2016, they reduced a lot the amounts at the start of 2017 cause Dogecoins price rised, the important thing is that they pay always, and they have been around for 2 years now... My ref link: http://cryptoworld.io/faucetDoge/?id=11554 Clean link: http://cryptoworld.io/faucetDoge/ Today I won again their lottery !!! 50 dogecoins !!!
  5. Suggest some Christmas giveaways!

    Pictures of Christmas food and drink, ofc with a PrimeDice ID sign and player name, no downloaded pics......
  6. #1 Jackpot Giveaway

    Maybe there was some misterious gentleman that bought tickets for support personnel. Congratz !!!!
  7. What ALTCOIN i should buy i hold ??

    DOGE has the potential to have a spike in its prize again, like it already did. It multiplied its price by 4 in a few time, then it went lower, now is more or less stable, but it can happen again that it spikes up. It is a respectable old coin, has been around a lot of time and it wont dissapear. And its cheap, and transaction fees are also cheap, and transactions are fast. Maybe its not the best investment, but it is a safe one, in my opinion.....
  8. Electroneum CPU Mining

    @Dan not even mentioning if it is worth it or not, CPU mining on notebooks is not recommended, they tend to overheat and fail after some time. Because in normal use, the CPU is at 100% capacity only for a few times, and the cooling system is designed that way for saving space, weight and money. With the CPU running at 100% for hours or days, most laptops overheat internally, they are not designed for that. Also for most cryptocoins that can be mined on CPUs there are programs for mining on video cards or GPUs; video cardas have a lot of parallel processors working at the same time and easily beat even the fastest CPUs at mining. As a real working example, my fastest desktop CPU is an old Xeon quadcore 3GHz adapted to socket 775. For mining FTC, my cheap and also old Radeon 7750 series with 2GB video memory is 15X faster than that CPU at almost the same electrical power level, so it just does not make sense to use CPU mining......
  9. Kuleguten Stream #15! Lets get it! Giveaways!

    Nice stream !! Watching currently....
  10. Does pineapple go on pizza?

    "pizza is an italian food". Until Columbus arrived to America, there was no tomato on Europe. So pizza as we know it today does not have a long history like other dishes. What you put on top depends on personal preferences, pineapple combined with cheese and ham for me its a nice combo....
  11. QQFools stream

    This will be the 4th Stake stream. There is chill music, some nice gambling and awesome people. (Lots of giveaways too) The stream: https://www.twitch.tv/qqfools
  12. You dont need to test all possible seeds, you just need to find a decent amount of collisions, because even if you use just 50 different server seeds and repeat them over and over, how many ppl will notice that there are just 50 different server seeds ?. Probably nobody would notice that, ppl just run the verification algorithm and thats all.....
  13. You are a bit right here. While it is not easy to do, it opens the door to the casino cheating on you. I don´t know the specific details of the sites you mention, but speaking in general, ideally they will give you the hash of the server seed they will use in the next roll; with that seed together with your own client seed and the nonce the next result will be calculated. So it appears that everything is fine and provably fair like here, because if they show you the hash of the next server seed, they can not change it. BUT, two different server seeds CAN give the same hash (this is called a "collision"), so if the casino has precalculated a table of collisions for server seeds, they can change the server seed to change the result against you after your bet, but the verification still checks OK, because they have a choice of two (or more) server seeds to show you that the server seed used was valid. This trick ONLY works for a single roll, so in places where the server seed is always the same (like PD) they can not cheat on you. This is only highly theoretical, because for this to work they had to do previously a brute force search, maybe for a full year, to build a table of collisions of server seeds. And it will be noticeable because it is not easy to find collisions, so if this sites are cheating, you will notice that after "few" rolls, say 1000 rolls, you will see some server seeds used more than once.....
  14. Not really, the 50K are still there, as far as I know. She just was not attracted to gambling at all.
  15. On PD I only have 1 referral, was my GF in 2014, I sent 50K to her account so she could test the site, but she never played even a single game. And she is not my GF anymore, so I have not been very succesfull in referrals profits, I´m at 50K negative so far .....