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  1. Scam Mining

    Even if a cloud mining company is legit, it is NEVER a good deal for you. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/31014-scam-watch-hashflare-offers-refunds-for-top-members-review-thread-2018/?tab=comments#comment-201522
  2. ¿Te gustan Chavo del ocho?

    El Chavo es un clásico. Y dentro de su antiguedad e inocencia, sabe capturar esos estereotipos o clichés que continúan existiendo. Lo miraba mucho cuando era niño......

    Wish you have the Happiest BirthDay ever !!!! You deserve it !!
  4. Lots of good luck with the stream Oleggg, with the bets too, and also a lot of viewers !!!
  5. I can see that you are salty and over reacted, but 2+2 is 4 here and in Mars, it doesnt matter if you try to deny it or not. If you have a factory that produces 100 bucks worth of merchandise daily (and it doesnt matter if the merchandise is condoms, instant coffee or bitcoins), if you rent this factory from the owner he is going to charge you MORE than 100 bucks daily, so you will end up paying MORE for the merchandise that if you bought it directly. You dont go to McDonalds and say "I will rent the store for 7 minutes (including the personnel)" to get the production of that period. You go and buy 3 cheeseburgers and 2 frenchfries packs. You dont go to a farm and say "I will rent a cow for 1 hour and the person that milks it", you go to a store and buy the milk. And in the real world this rentals dont exist because there are economical reasons behind, that I just explained, you will pay 120 for something that can be already bought at 100. As for my lack of knowledge in mining, I am now mining only occasionally, maybe you have much more experience in mining than me, but lets provide MY real numbers. HashFlare is quoting right now 1 MHash Scrypt rental for a year for US$4.2, PLUS US$0.005 maintenance every 24 hours, and this is a total of US$6.025 yearly. A litecoin online profit calculator shows that this 1MHash scrypt gives US$6.46 a year, or a bit less than 2 cents each day. https://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/litecoin-mining-calculator So this looks very nice, you win around 40 cents yearly for every 6 dollars you invest (not a big profit, but profit is profit, right?) WRONG, because this profit calculator assumes that the difficulty does not increase at all (and it says it). So in real world, how much does difficulty increases? Im posting a screencap of my dashboard at Litecoinpool.org where I mine with my equipment, real equipment in a real mining pool in the real world. Not fake promises in a webpage. As you can see, in the first 10 days of March the difficulty increased from 5033510 to 5517835, almost 10% increase, and this means that my miner equipment produces today 10% less money than just 10 days ago. This is a fact. And this means that the investment in Hashflare will turn into a big lose at the end of the year, the LTCs mined are not worth the money you paid UNLESS the LTC price rises a lot near the end of the year. Anyway as I explained, if you buy today LTCs in an exchange with those US$6.025 that Hashflare charges you, you will ALWAYS be in a better situation. ALWAYS. In all scenarios. Oh, and as some user in Bitcointalk pointed up, I dont considered into this numbers the Hashflare WD fee or transaction fees, those increase your red profit. Reading now the Bitcointalk text you posted, all that people have just found in the worst possible way the numbers I presented you here......
  6. I already wrote a post about this in Stake forum but its currently down, so lets write it again here in a short way. Cloud mining mathematically does not make much sense at all. That is why 95% of time its a scam. And when its not a scam, simply its not economically useful for the purchaser. Lets suppose there is a mining company called Cryptodadlol Mining Corp. You have your crypto mining equipment installed and working, and you are currently mining 1 BTC monthly. Of course, this is right now, because difficulty is always increasing, so next month you will mine 0.9BTC, following month 0.8BTC and so on. This 1 BTC you got is not your profit, from there you must pay electricity, internet and other expenses for keeping the rig running, and also money for paying a loan you got when you bought all your mining equipment (that each month losses value if you want to resell it as difficulty increases and technology advances). Lets suppose your profit is 0.2BTC this month (and it also decreases next months). So talking in dollars lets say you are getting 10000 dollars gross profit each month, and 2000 dollars net profit each month, diminishing each month. Now Cryptodadlol decides to enter the cloud mining business. You have new expenses for that, a webpage where people can buy your services, a cut that credit cards take from payments, support, etc. (and maybe even paying money to people that brings you customers). And you also want to win more in cloud mining that you were already winning (otherwise why the hell are you entering the cloud mining business???). So when maverick528 contacts Cryptodadlol Mining Corp, and signs for a mining contract, he has to pay US$12000 monthly to rent the equipment. At the end of the 1st month maverick528 gets the 1 BTC that was mined, with a market value of 10000, but he paid 12000 for it and waited 1 month to get it. Why not going to a crypto exchange and buy it instantly and at the current market price?. Hope that you understand now why cloud mining is usually a scam, or it just means that you are buying BTC at a price much higher than the current prize.
  7. 5 (it was 5 after 4 ? not so sure. Will search in google)
  8. Hello guys

    Welcomeeeee Nyushaaa to PrimeDiceeee !!! Now I have a doubt, your name is Aleksey or Tania ????
  9. When will 77.77 2inArow will be Hit?

    I got a single 77.77 several times. Talking about the jackpot here, as far as I know there was one person that already hit double 77.77, but not with the amount required for the full amount of the jackpot, but instead got 1/100 or 1/10 of the JP amount at that time. But I am not 100% sure about this facts, so maybe somebody from support can confirm this......
  10. Current BTC Dip: 03/08/2018 (March) How low can it go?!

    I think it will stop at around $7K, but of course nobody knows.
  11. 📢 Services being Restored

    Thanks a lot to all the people that worked very very hard to solve this issue. And also thanks a lot to all the Support personnel that had a increased workload as a consequence of this, and handled it in a brilliant way.
  12. Mi amor por las series y películas en español

    Otra película viejita pero recomendable igual es "Hombre mirando al sudeste". Para @Jelena si te gustan historias de gente común, a mí me gustó mucho "Cama adentro" con Norma Aleandro.
  13. Im Exadao

    Welcome to PrimeDice exadaooooo !! And lots of good luck here...
  14. Mi amor por las series y películas en español

    "Un cuento chino" es buenísima. Si te gusta Ricardo Darín, una película que deberías ver sí o sí es "9 reinas".