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  1. @zale023 maybe you can also take a look at this topic from Blindme. The worst problems, like the one you suffered, came from new users or ALTs that just joined the forum to post scammy links. So take a look at his topic: https://forum.primedice.com/topic/26984-link-warnings/?tab=comments#comment-135918 the idea that Blindme posted is to enable people to post links only after certain time or messages posted in forum. Dan is already working on it. After you are an old, trusted member of PD and the forum, there should be freedom to post links, of course with the responsability that comes with it....
  2. Link warnings

    Thank you very much Dan for your hard work.
  3. problem with my forum balance

    There are some areas of the forum where there is no pay per post, at least it is what I understood....
  4. Post your pic in beautiful places u've been

    so many really amazing pics that my pics look pretty lame...... From Montevideo where I live (ofc I took this pic):
  5. Roll roll 12.34 Giveaway

    I am really so sorry for this ktfor57, TY very much for your giveaway and your contribution to the PD community. It was not my intention at all to hijack your topic. I will delete my message because I will give an answer in a topic of my own.
  6. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    OK, teleporting to twitch now. TYVM.
  7. 3 Man on a Plane

    I don´t understand what was the method they were going to use to determine which object falled faster by asking questions to the people on the land.
  8. Roll roll 12.34 Giveaway

    TY very much for your 1st giveaway !!! What a pity I rolled 12.34 a few hours ago, did not know at that time of this rollhunt...
  9. 88,888 GIVEAWAY

    bet: 18,458,809,062 maverick528 And very happy BD in advance !!!!
  10. Stake Giveaway!

    TYVM for the giveaway !!! (I don´t have FB)
  11. Where is your "Dream place" to travel?

  12. Link warnings

    I like the idea to disable the posting of links until certain account age and/or posts made....
  13. OlegBarca's Stream #80-STAKE!!! Giveaways!

    Easy moneyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Good luck !!!

  15. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    For those that don´t understand russian, Oleg is saying that he is learning to cook too, he is trying now to boil eggs. And next week probably will try to boil hotdogs too. TY Google translator.