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  1. August Heroes for a week

    These are only for high rollers and i believe that i will not be qualified because im only betting small amounts.. congrats to all the winners in advance.
  2. BTC will go $5000?

    Probably it will go up for the next couple of weeks.. we all know that btc was designed to be self sustaining.. it has the ability to analyse how it can increase its value after a downtime of the price.
  3. I can not send a letter to support

    I guess they only have timeframe for support.. if support is not available maybe they disable it.. and when support is online you can access the reply
  4. faucet to 0.012 and bust in 3 minuntes

    its not bad luck my friends.. to much greed will make you bust. thats how it works. if you win bank it and dont expect for more. it depends on your bank roll. if you win to much out of your capital, bank it.
  5. 10k sat to 0.014btc

    wow! really? how did you manage to grow your 10 satoshi that big? its seems impossible for me to do that.. your very luck that time maybe. 100 satoshi faucet is useless, but 10 satoshi? if you did it your really amazing.. for me i think i have no chance.
  6. problem with my forum balance

    thanks to these 2 lovely ladies.. bloomy and mmhaimhai for sharing a useful information. i just noticed there are more post that is not paying. i think this is also a way for spammers to lose interest in pay per post because not everytime they post they will recieve reward. in this way you will see only those who are interested in reward and you will see those who are active without the reward.. spammers mostly will now post rarely because of this, unlike people who are really active, they will stay the same being active and posting just like before.
  7. PAKIBASA!!!

    atleast make your post or reply longer and with sense naman. kc aq observe q din sobrang dami na mga reply sa post na 3 to 5 words lang. it is considered as spamming, walang quality young post, bsta lang mka reply may ma sabi lang. it should be related to a topic posted. and atleast may makuhang useful information dun sa reply mo or sa post mo.
  8. problem with my forum balance

    thanks guys for the info. yes ive noticed that some reply to a post pays but most are not giving reward. is this normal or there is a bug in pd forum? im still looking for any updates about pay per post, maybe they change the rules for this.
  9. Primedicers Steam Community!

    im not sure i think i have an steam account long time back.. but i dont remember it now, so i guess i cant join, and already there a more than 5 who joined. just want to say good luck ledust and i hope your steam forum will grow fast.
  10. Playing with somebody' strategy.

    there is no strategy that will insure you to win.. in reality its really pure luck and how you play it. if your to greedy you will really end up bust. bet wisely you might have a chance to win.
  11. when do you know you have a gambling problem

    signs are you are being to greedy, dont know when to stop, being addicted to betting, always go all in and taking high risk bet.
  12. Pay per Post - Cash Out Disabled

    i observe that reply to post is not being rewarded, i tried to reply on a post many times but it does not reward me 2k satoshi. is this normal or my account have some problems?
  13. Stake Giveaway!

    wow. thanks for these giveaway. it will really help players to try their luck on stake.. good luck to you guys, i hope you all win..
  14. guys please help, it is only me experiencing this problem? i been posting and replying to forum and i noticed that my balance in btc is not going up, i even wrote a very long reply on one of the post but still my balance is still the same and not going up.. is it only my account or pd stop rewarding satoshi for every post?
  15. Is two better than one?

    if its a serious relationship i will be faithful and choose only her, we need to respect the love that our partner has given to us.. women are easily hurt by infidelity. if you really love a girl you cannot afford to lose her and i bet you wount do anything stupid, instead you should treasure her. treat her right, treat her like a princess of your life. treat her like there is no other woman on earth but her. value every small things shes doing for her.. she like it. tell her that everyday that she is beautiful.. she love it. make her feel protected and safe. and she will stay. cherish every moment with her till your hairs turns to white. and lastly never stop loving her no matter what the situation might be..