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  1. Forum Questions and Information

    is pay per post gone? there is no transfer option.
  2. Thing's Money Cant Buy

    that is so true. money can buy evrything but it cant buy love, happiness, dignity, respect, and all the good feature of a man or woman. dont love money. because money is the root of all evil.
  3. poor eyesight

    exercising you eye muscles will help strengthen you eye, it will also help regain your 20/20 vision. you can search on youtube on how to do exercise with your eyes
  4. Your Religion and Your God

    I am a proud christian.. our god is the father and jesus.. its not just the father we should worship but remember that jesus is the way to the father.. in the bible jesus said.. "i am the way the truth and the life.. no one goes to the father except tru me". John 14:6
  5. hi guys, in this topic you will have the chance to rate all the mods, rate all the mods on pd, from scale 1 to 10, and explain why you gave him/her that rating.
  6. Best Way to earn Bitcoins?

    if you wanna earn bitcoins fast deposit on pd and play.. you can multiply your bits if you know how to play.. and also you can earn bits by posting here on forum, it will reward you.
  7. What are the best places you ever visited?

    for me i will choose my own province because there so many tourist destinations. its a paradise and i will never forget those places. let me share you a link so you can watch and learn about my province tourist attractions.
  8. developing personal relationship with god

    thank you for the verse you shared brother dboyeric. im just feeling sad that there are not to many people in this forum who are excited in sharing the word of god. maybe they forget who gave all these things to humanity. without god in our life we are nothing. we should remember that.
  9. Mga munting paalala ;)

    thanks sa reminder bloomy. i would like to suggest na dapat magkaroon ka dto ng written rules pra may guidelines ung mga bago kung ano ang d nila dapat gawin. and pg nilabag nila yun, meron penalty or let say banned, or muted for a certain time or day, or banned forever. pede ka din gumawa ng events dto sa pinoy group pra mas maging active ung mga members. i gaya mo sa mismong systema ng pd forum itong sub forum natin. hopefully you have the access to certain features.
  10. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    Wondeful interview.. first time i saw how you look like. and we really have a beautiful support team. hopefully irene is next. good job ledust! keep it up
  11. Facts about men who are very interesting to women

    For me as guy who respect my girl.. i will never tell her my past relationship, not even tell her stories of it,, you know why? it will make her uncomfortable. that is included in the rule of long term relationship. never talk about you ex's instead make her feel special that she is your present and future..
  12. Forum is so colorful now!

    Good to hear that pd is improving the design of forum. Something new will always make members excited
  13. August Heroes for a week

    These are only for high rollers and i believe that i will not be qualified because im only betting small amounts.. congrats to all the winners in advance.
  14. BTC will go $5000?

    Probably it will go up for the next couple of weeks.. we all know that btc was designed to be self sustaining.. it has the ability to analyse how it can increase its value after a downtime of the price.