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  1. Mayweather vs McGregor

    i'll bet for mayweather
  2. BTC to 2500$

    10k $ by the end of the year ! huum , i think we are still far from that price , but who knows ...
  3. BTC to 2500$

    we all hope so ...
  4. BTC to 2500$

    do you guys think that btc will go down to 2.5k$ again by the end of month ?
  5. ah ok , thank you much appreciated it
  6. Why BTC continue to drop lately?

    btc will go down little bit and bch will go up , we'll be used to it
  7. Authorship ICO free 75tokens(10$)

    i didn't receive it ...
  8. bad that some of the sites you listed are not worldwide paying .. keep on this way good luck
  9. cashing from xapo

    did anyone of you guys already exchange btc into fiat currencies in xapo and cash it ? (not euro nor usdt)
  10. Your Username

    it's just some random letters which came to my mind in the first time i used pd
  11. 1 Bitcoin = 387636.06784 dzd
  12. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    PD username = lopppp 19.17